Misc Va Goad Data
author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

Bedford Co, Va:
                     John Goad, b Apr 1860 Bedford Co, s/o J. Goad.
                     Annie Goad, 26 Amherst Co, d/o John and Martha Goad, m 24 Dec 1873 Bedford Co to Henry P. Fringer,68 Botetort Co, s/o
                            William and Eliza Fringer.
                     1870 Bedford Co census, Staunton Twp, p 367, #465/459, John F. Goad,88 Va, living with Absalom Toler,49 Va, farm lab-
                              orer, Polly,49 Va, Chas H.,20 Va, Mary A.,14 Va.
                              (Absolem Toler,29, Polly,29, John,8 were listed in the 1850 Pittsylvania Co census, but not located in 1860.)
                              (John was poss s/o
William Goad (#2221), although William's son not located in the 1820-1860 census, otherwise this
                              census entry may be a mistake, that is, John's age could be 38, and he could be the same person as John,8, in 1850, but
                              may have been Polly's child prior to marrying Absolem, but this would imply she was a Goad, and she isn't identified.) 
                     1900 Bedford Co census, Bedford, ED 6, sheet 12A, #104/108, Thomas Goad, Jan 1840 Va, shoemaker, Mollie F., Apr 1844
                              Va (marr 29 yrs), Ossie D., Dec 85 Va, Susan Foster, Feb 1823 Va (wid, mother-in-law, marr 61 yrs, 8 ch, 4 living).
                              (this was Thomas Goode,38 Va, Molly,36 Va, etc in Bedford Co, Otter Dist in 1880)

Campbell Co, Va (Lynchburg):
                     Thomas Wayne Goad, b 25 Apr 1965 Va, s/o Thomas Wayne Goad and Carolyn Faye Meadows, m 8 Aug 1987 Lynchburg to
                           Stacy Renee Adams, b 12 Jul 1969 Va, d/o Calvin RIchard Adams and Myrtle Vea Bell.

Pittsylvania Co, Va:
                     1870 Pittsylvania Co census, Subdivision N of Dan River, Chatham, p 261, #3439/3457, Sarah A. Goad,3 Va, living with Del-
                              aware Jefferson.
                     1900 Pittsylvania Co census, Chatham Dist, ED 76, sheet 10B, #181/181, Richard Gourd, Jul 1860 Va, farmer, Wannie (?Nan-
                              nie), Jul 1865 Va (marr 18 yrs, 6 ch, 6 living), etc.
                     Richard not located in 1880, unless he was the Richard Guard,23 Va, living in Botetourt Co, Va, or the Richard B. Guard,13 Va,
                     son of Vunice L. Guard of Albemarle Co, Va in 1870.

Franklin Co, Va:
                     Garland Edgar Goard, b 13 Jun 1955 Va, s/o Edgar Goard and Sarah Frances Bowman, m(lic) 6 Jun 1974 Franklin Co to Debora
                           Sue Trial, b 20 Aug 1956 Va, d/o Calvin Green Trail and Inez Zula Jones.
                     1870 Franklin Co census, Rural Hall Twp, p 492, #2135/2136, Susan Gourd,21 Va, dom servant, living with Charles and Sally
                     1870 Franklin Co census, Rocky Mount Twp, p 417, #32/32, Betsy Gourd,40 Va, Polly,70 Va, living with Jonas and Eliza-
                              beth Wray.

Patrick Co, Va:
                     Betsy Goard, m 23 Jan 1809 Patrick Co to Daniel Hollandsworth.
                     Mary Goad, b 15 Apr 1873 Patrick Co, d/o Wm and Ruth Goad.
                     Sarah E. Goard, b 23 Mar 1871 Patrick Co, d/o Wm and Susan Goard.
                     John Goard, b 5 Dec 1875 Patrick Co, s/o Jiles and Mary Goard.
                     (inf) Goard, b 7 May 1878 Patrick Co, child of G.W. and Jane Goard.
                     Julia B. Goard, b 2 Dec 1880 Patrick Co, d/o Geo W. and Ruth Goard.
                     John J. Goard, b 8 Apr 1881 Patrick Co, s/o J. and Fannie Goard.

Henry Co, Va:
                     Adeal Goad, b ca 1883, s/o Jnor? Goad, m Dec 1901 Henry Co to Eddie Thomasson, b ca 1880, s/o Geo and Bell Thommason.

Carroll Co, Va:
                     Sarah Goad, b Jan 1885 Carroll Co, d/o John and Margaret Goad.
                     Dorothy Jean Goad, b 18 Apr 1942 Va, div, d/o Roy Sumner and Nellie York, m 7 Aug 1971 Carroll Co to Ralph Lenvil
                          Edwards, b 1 Mar 1939 Va, s/o Dewey Edwards and Charity King.
                     Delta F. Goad, b 22 Apr 1962 Va, div, d/o Glady Persing Davis and Audrey Velma Bunn, m 13 Jul 1981 Carroll Co to Jerry
                          Lee Brinegar, b 12 Aug 1958 NC, s/o Glenn Mack Brinegar and Lola Ruth Petty.
                     Anita Fay Goad, b 21 May 1956 NJ, d/o William Phil Hamilton, m 21 Dec 1985 Carroll Co to Donald William Cloud, b 6 Sep
                          1956 Va, s/o Irilee Cloud and Mary Ellen Willard.
                     Virginia F. Goad,21 Carroll Co, single, d/o Mary Goad, m 19 Mar 1892 Carroll Co to Wm P. Marshall,36 Carroll Co, wid,
                          s/o Alfred and Lottie Marshall.   William P. Marshall, 1853 Va, was listed in 1900 Carroll Co, Va with wife Clementine F.,
                          May 1859 Va (marr 27 yrs, 10 ch, 8 living), etc.  In 1910 he had wife Clementine,51 Va (marr 36 yrs, 10 ch, 8 living), etc.

Grayson Co, Va:
                     Charles Goad,21 Ind, m 5 Dec 1884 Grayson Co to Elizabeth Brewer,22 Grayson Co, d/o Currin and Rachel.

Pulaski Co, Va:
                     Sharon Lee Goad, b ca 1950 WVa, d/o Foster H. Williams and Geneva Mitchell, m 5 Mar 1976 Christiansburg to Davy Lee
                            Wurzburger, b ca 1956 Va, s/o Charles W. Wurzburger and Mary Lou Ford.
                     Sonja Rena Goad, b ca 1963 Va, d/o Ernest W. Goad and Shirley Chapman, m 2 Mar 1980 Pulaski Co to Stephen Ray Jones, b
                            ca 1961 Va, s/o Wilbert Jones and Elva Riggins.
                     Karen Juanita Goad, b ca 1966 Va, d/o William Taft Stillwell and Dallas Juanita Smith, m 16 Jun 1984 Pulaski Co to Roy
                            Joseph Thompson, b ca 1965 Va, s/o Roy Joseph Thompson and Brenda Louise Thompson.
                     Charlene Florence Goad, b ca 1931 Columbus, Ohio, d/o Charles B. Hinton and Mabel Anderson, m 8 May 1965 Pulaski Co
                            to Thomas Edward Keenan, b ca 1935 Greensburg, Pa, s/o John Keenan and G.I. Watts.

Montgomery Co, Va:
                     Robert G. Goad Jr, m 1986 Montgomery Co to Michelle Christine Ellingson.  (no details)
                     Daniel Thomas Goad, b 12 Jul 1971 Va, s/o Daniel Eugene Goad and Janet Beunia Gilbert, m 24 Mar 1990 Montgomery Co
                             to Tina Marie Sheppard, b 20 Jan 1971 Va, d/o Robert Wayne Sheppard and Mary Louise Niece.
                     Crystal Marie Goad, b 9 Nov 1963 Roanoke, d/o Jimmy Lloyd Goad and Helen Marie Hill, m 11 Aug 1990 Montgomery Co
                             to Kraig Andre Neidigh, b 27 Mar 1968 Md, s/o Glenn Arthur Neidigh and Carol Jean Nage.
                     Donna Faye Goad, b 23 Oct 1965 Richmond, Va, div, 2nd marr, d/o Daniel E.
Good Sr and Janet Buna Gilbert, m 10 Jul 1992
                            Montgomery Co to Donald Wyatt Doss, b 12 Apr 1964 Va, s/o Donald  M. Doss and Linda Ann Moore.
                     1900 Montgomery Co census, Christiansburg, ED 67, sheet 5A, Montgomery Co Jail, #94/105, James H. Goad, Mar 1875 Va
                              (marr 4 yrs), prisoner, day laborer.

Giles Co, Va:
                     Luther A. Goad, b 31 Oct 1937 Jones Co, Tex, s/o Luther Clarence Goad and Bessie Mae Watts, m 12 May 1972 Giles Co to
                          Patricia A. Hansen, b ca 1945 Va, d/o Ross Edward Martin and Gladys Irene Williams.

Bland Co, Va:
                     Vickie Elizabeth Goad, b ca 1948 McDowell Co, WVa, d/o Bill Goad and Loma Brooks, m 23 Dec 1966 Rocky Gap, Va to
                          Jerry Robert Shrader, b ca 1940 Tazewell Co, Va, s/o George Shrader and Pheaby Shultz.

Botetourt Co, Va
                     Wertee Juanita Goad, b ca 1882 Botetourt Co, d/o R  L and A?L Goad, m 31 Dec 1902 Botetourt Co to Zachariah Brown
                           Campbell, b ca 1879 Bradford Co, s/o W. P. and M?J Campbell.  (she was
Mertie J.,27 Va, in 1910 Roanoke Co census)
                           This was Robert L. Good (b Apr 1851 Va) and Ada L. (b Oct 1862 Va) in 1900 Botetourt Co census.
                     Bessie B. Goad, b ca 1903 Roanoke, of Buchanan Co, Va, div, d/o Danl M. Bailey, m 31 Oct 1931 Botetourt Co to Willie C.
                           Spangler, b ca 1901 Botetourt Co, div, s/o Uriah J. Spangler and Allie A. Johnson.
                     Lula Ann Goad, b 18 Sep 1953 Va, div, d/o Walter Lewis Cook and Dorothy McFalls, m 27 Aug 1975 Roanoke to Glenn
                           Martin Musgrove, b 23 Mar 1950 Va, s/o Marion Earl Musgrove and Evelyn Kingery.