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         A    except:   Aaron   Abraham (Abe)   Albert   Andrew   Ann
B    except:   Betsy/Betty (Elizabeth)   Bill (Billy,William)   Bob (Robert)
C    except:   Catherine (Catharine,Katherine,Kate,Kathy)   Charles (Charlie)
E    except:   Edward   Eliza (Elisa/Liza)   Elizabeth (Betsy)   Ella,Ellie,Ellen,Eller   Emelia,Emily   Emma
Ernest (Earnest)
G    except:   George
H    except:   Henry
J     except:   James (Jim,Jimmie,Jimmy)   Jeremiah (Jerry)   Jesse (Jessie)   John   Joseph (Joe)   Joshua
K    except:   Kate/Katherine (Catherine)
L    except:   Laura   Lewis (Louie,Louis)   Liza (Eliza)   Lizzie (Elizabeth)   Louiza/Louisa/Louise   Lucy
M   except:   Margaret (Peggy,Maggie,Margie)   Martha   Mary (Polly)   Mildred (Millie,Milly,Milia)   Minnie
N    except:   Nancy
P    except:   Peggy (Margaret,Maggie,Margie)   Peter   Polly (Mary)
R    except:   Reuben   Richard   Robert
S    except:   Samuel (Sam)   Sarah (Sally)
T    except:   Thomas
U - V
W   except:   William-William G.    William H.-William Z.
         X - Z  

            Note: The individuals in the index with their names in bold letters and code numbers (eg 2213 or M212) in front of their names are those for
                       whom separate webpages have been created.  The names in non-bold letters are individuals listed as children on their parents' webpages,
                       but who have no separate webpage for themselves.

Misc Goad date: Va misc    WVa misc    NC misc
Tenn misc    Ky misc    Okla/Tex misc
            Unidentified Lawrence County, Tenn Goads
            Unidentified Maury County, Tenn Goads
            Unidentified Lincoln County, Tenn Goads

            First page of Goad family genealogy:   Abraham Goad, d 1734, of Richmond Co, Va

    indexed to 225221