Aaron (Aser) Goad, c1790-92 - 1858, s/o James Goad
                                                                  author: Michael D. Nestor, email:

B    Aaron (Aser) Goad,5                                                                231  (James,4,Abraham,3,John,2,Abraham,1)

           b ca 1790-92 Montgomery Co, Va; d 9 Dec 1858 Carroll Co, Va.
           m 26 Feb 1822 Grayson Co to Eleanor (Nellie) Cock, b ca 1791-95 Va, d 5 Mar 1888 Carroll Co, d/o
Reuben and Rhoda Cock.

           Aaron was a soldier in the War of 1812.  After the war he may have been gone from the Grayson Co area, since he wasn't listed in
           the census, but no proof of this.  His widow's 1878 affadavit states he was not previously married.

           1814, 16 Jul: Aaron Goad enlisted for 6 mos as a private in Capt James Hoge's Co of Light Infantry, in Col Thomas H. Wooding's
                     4th Regmt Virginia Militia stationed in Norfolk.  He was "sick in hospital" on 2 Nov 1814, and was discharged 8 Dec 1814,
                     and paid off ($8/mo for 1 month and 6 days plus $0.25 per day for 18 days travel home to Montgomery Co, at 20 miles/day,
                     for $14.04 total) according to muster roll of 15 Feb 1815.  The previous info was also from the muster rolls, in which he was
                     listed as "Aron Goard".
           1820 census, Aaron not located.
           1830 Grayson Co census, p 259, Aaron Goard, 310001-010001.
           1840 Grayson Co census, Eastern Dist, p 292, Aaron Goad, 22100001-0101001.
           1850 Carroll Co census, p 338, #293/293, Aaron Goad Jr,60 Va, farmer, $375, Eleanor,55 Va, Byram,17 Va, farmer, Clary,7 Va.
           1851, 26 Jan: Floyd Co, Va:  Aaron Goad applied for a bounty land grant for his service, stating his age to be 59, and that he enlis-
                     ted Jul 1814 and had been honorably discharged 15 Feb 1815.
           1855, 15 May: Floyd Co.  Aaron Goad applied for additional bounty land, and swore that he was age 63.  Solomon Slusher and
                     Owen Sutphin testified to Aaron's identity.
           1855, 26 Oct: Aaron Goad was witness for Mary Goad Nester's application for bounty land, for her husband William Nester's ser-
                     vice in the War of 1812.
           1859, 19 Jan: Carroll Co Will Bk 2, p 29: List of property for Aaron Goad, dec.
           1859, 20 Jan: Carroll Co Will Bk 2, p 30-31: List of property sold for Aaron Goad, dec.
           1862 Carroll Co Will Bk 2, p 152: Settlement of estate of Aaron Goad, with sons Hiram and Byrum adm.  $50.65 was divided
                    among 6 heirs, $8.44 each.
           1860 Carroll Co census, p 88, #571/575, Eleanor Goad,65 Va, farmer, $100, --, Byram,30 Va, $100, $332, Iredell,28 Va, $700, $115,
                    Clarisa,17 Va, --, $60.
           1870 Carroll Co census, Eleanor not located.
           1878 Ellenor Goad filed for a widow's pension, stating that Aaron was age 27 (?21), b in Montgomery Co, was 5 feet, 10 inches tall,
                    dark hair, blue eyes, and fair complexion, when he was drafted in Montgomery Co on 1 Aug 1813, and that he was honorably
                    discharged 1 Feb 1814 at Norfolk.  Clarissa Jennings, Penelope Bolt, and Rebecca Nester testified that they witnessed Ellenor's
                    and Aaron's marriage.
           1880 Carroll Co census, Laurel Fork, p 31C, #173/173, Elenor Goad,69 Va (wid, mother), living with Byron C. Goad family.


1.   Hiram (Hi) Goad, b 16 Jan 1823 Grayson Co, Va, m Rebecca Sutphin.

2.   Henderson (Uncle Hen) Goad, b 10 Sep 1825 Grayson Co, m(1) Rebecca Largen, m(2) Julia Ann Webb Goad.

3.   Tyre William (Ty) Goad, b 15 Oct 1827 Va, m Julia Ann (July) Compton

4.   Byrum Cox (By) Goad, b 18 Aug 1829 Grayson Co, m Mary Martin Webb.

5.   Iredell (Dickie) Goad, b ca 1832 Va, had children by Malinda Thompson.

6.   Aaron Richard Goad.  According to family tradition, he was accidentally killed as a youth when his mother was poking at him
                 with a stick, and hit his eye, while trying to get him out from under the house.

7.   Clarissa (Clara) Goad, b 18 Aug 1844 Carroll Co, d 28 Feb 1907, m 5 Dec 1862 Carroll Co to Thomas (Spade) Dalton
                 (#342), b 15 Oct 1837 Grayson Co, d 9 Oct 1918, s/o Clarissa's 4th cousin Thomas M. Dalton and Mary Henson Jennings.
                 Clarissa and Thomas were bur in Dugspur.

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