Aaron Goad, 1784 - 1854, s/o Robert Goad
author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

341   Aaron Goad,4                                                                                           34  (Robert,3,Abraham,2,Abraham,1)

              b 1784 Va; d 1854 Carroll Co, Va.
              m Rachel Dalton, b 1778 Va, d 1850's, d/o
William Dalton and Elizabeth ?Sturman.

              1809, 22 Aug: Grayson Co Court Order Bk: Aaron Goard served on Grand Jury.
              1810 Grayson Co tax list, 31 Mar, Aaron Goad, 1 white tithable, no slaves, 1 horse.
              1810, 23 Aug: Grayson Co Deed Bk 2, p 545: Wm Thornbrough to Aaron Goad, 150 acres, waters Big Reed Island Creek.
              1810, 23 Aug: Grayson Co Deed Bk 2, p 546: John Dalton to Aaron Goad, 87 acres, waters of Snake Creek, adjoining Robert
              1810, 28 Aug: Grayson Co Court Order Bk: Aaron Goad served on Grand Jury.
              1811, 23 Aug: Grayson Co Deed Bk 3, p 39-43: Aaron Goad, Spencer Goad, & others heirs of Wm Dalton, land conveyed to
                        John, Lewis, William, Reuben Dalton.
              1811, 24 Aug: Grayson Co Court Order Bk: Aaron Goad apponted overseer of road in place of Wm Thornbrough.
              1815 Grayson Co tax list, 11 Mar, Aaron Goard (Robert), 1 WM, 3 horses, 15 cattle, $1.08.
              1820 Grayson Co census, p 46, listing " Martin" Goard in error, 300010-13210-01.
              1830 Grayson Co census, p 259, Aaron Goard, 1112001-00111001.
              1839, 16 Jan: Grayson Co Plat Bk 2, p 16: survey for Aaron Goad, 135 acres, waters Snake Creek.
              1839, 16 Jan: Grayson Co Plat Bk 2, p 17: survey for Aaron Goad, 150 acres, waters Snake Creek, adjoining Goard's patent lines.
              1840 Grayson Co census, Eastern Dist, p 285, Aaron Goad, 00010001-000000001.
              1850 Carroll Co, Va census, p 235, #237/237, Aaron Goad,66 Va, farmer, $2000, Rachel,72 Va, Zion Nester,17 Va, farmer.

              Settlement of Aaron's estate states that there were 10 distributees, although only 9 children are listed below.


1.   Mary (Polly) Goad, b ca 1800-04 Va, d 6 Sep 1876 Morgan Co, Ky (age 76, of palsy), m prior to 1823 to William Cock
                    (#1), b ca 1802 Va, d 1870's, s/o Reuben and Rhoda Cock.  Family moved to Morgan Co, Ky in the 1840's.

2.   Sarah Goad, b ca 1804-05 Va, m 1820's to James Horton (#1), b ca 1802-03 Va, d 8 Dec 1893 Carroll Co, s/o Joseph Hor-
                    ton and Sarah's 3rd cousin Mary Webb (d/o
Henry Webb and Susannah (Susan) ?Cock).

3.   Nancy Goad, b ca 1806-08 Va, m 16 Oct 1828 Grayson Co to Aaron Cock (#2), b ca 1805-07 Va, s/o Reuben and Rhoda
                    Cock.  Family moved to Morgan Co, Ky in the 1850's.

4.   Isabelle Elizabeth Goad, b ca 1810 "Carroll" Co, m 15 Dec 1831 Grayson Co to Tobias Quesenberry, b ca 1807 "Floyd" Co,
                    s/o James
Frederick Quesenberry and Isabelle's 3rd cousin Mary (Molly) Phillips (d/o Tobias Phillips (#421) and Margaret
                    (Peggy) ?Jennings).
                    1840 census, family not located.
                    1850 Floyd Co census, Western Dist, p 882, #895/895, Tobias Quesenberry,41 Floyd Co, $800, Elizabeth,38 Carroll Co,
                             Loyd,17, farmer, Newels,14, Alexander,11, Crockett,10, Milton,8, Louisa,4, Millard,7/12.  (all ch b Carroll Co)
                    1860 Floyd Co census, Indian Valley, p 134, #965/901, Tobias Quesenberry,53 Va, $3300, $1227, Isabell,50, Alexander,22,
                             Crockett,18, Milton,15, Louisa,13, Evaline,10, Edward,8.
                    1870 Floyd Co census, Indian Valley + B. Fork Twp, p 34, #261/247, Isabel Quesenberry,57 Va, $300, --, Louisa,24 Va,
                             $300, --, Edward,18 Va, farm laborer, $300, --, living with Crockete and Nancy Quesenberry.
a.   Cloyd Quesenberry, b ca 1833 Carroll Co, d 19 May 1865 Bentonville, NC, m 26 Nov 1858 Floyd Co to Mahala Cock,
                          b ca 1833 Floyd Co, d/o
John P. Cock (#111) and Nancy Rainey.
b.   Newell Quesenberry, b ca 1836 Carroll Co, m Frances Cock, b ca 1836 Floyd Co, d 1899, d/o John P. Cock (#111) and
                          Nancy Rainey.
c.   Alexander (Alex) Quesenberry, b ca 1838 Carroll Co, m 15 Nov 1860 Carroll Co to Mildred (Millie) Quesenbery, b ca
                          1842 Carroll Co, d/o James B. Quesenberry and Alexander's 4th cousin Sarah H. Phillips (d/o
Richard Phillips (#4214)
                          and Catherine (Kate) Goad, d/o
James Goad (#231)).
d.   Crockett Quesenbery, b 1842 Carroll Co, d Aug 1884, m 18 Feb 1869 Carroll Co to Nancy Duncan, b 1847 Va, d Jul
                          1884, d/o Joshua Duncan and Elizabeth Reece (d/o
Thomas Reece (#8) and Pheriba Thornton).
e.   Milton Quesenberry, b ca 1843-45 Carroll Co
f.   Louisa Goad Quesenberry, b ca 1846-47 Carroll Co, m Thomas Quesenberry, b ca 1852, s/o George Quesenberry and
                         Joannah Webb (d/o
John Webb (#4) and Hannah Cock).
g.   Millard Quesenberry, b ca 1850 Carroll Co.  Not listed in 1860 census.
h.   Evaline Quesenberry, b ca 1850.
i.   Edward Quesenberry, b ca 1852 Va, m 11 Sep 1873 Carroll Co to Anna Quesenberry, b ca 1855, d/o George Quesen-
                          berry and Joannah Webb (d/o
John Webb (#4) and Hannah Cock).

5.   Robert (Big Robin) Goad, b 1812 Va, m Alley Durnel.

6.   Reuben Goad, b 15 Mar 1814 Va, m Celestia (Lety) Bobbitt.

7.   Frances Millie Goad, b ca 1815, m 12 Dec 1833 Grayson Co to Lewis Bolt, b ca 1812-14 Va, s/o John Bolt and Celia Amos.
                    Millie's name given as Frances June (Millie) by some sources.  Lewis m(2) Nancy A. ____, b ca 1829 Mo.
                    Lewis moved to Fayette Co, Ill, along with his brothers Hiram and Elias Bolt.
                    1840 Fayette Co, Ill census, p 157, Lewis Bolt, 20001-00101. (listed adj to Hiram Bolt)
                    1850 census, family not located.
                    1860 Fayette Co census, p 198, Ramsey Twp, Lewis Bolt,46 Va, Catharine,26 Ohio, Aaron,22 Ohio, laborer, Isaac,20 Ill, lab-
                             orer, Thomas,16 Ill, laborer, Hiram,14 Ill, Jas,12 Ill, Elizabeth,12 Ill, Elias,9 Ill.
                    1870 Fayette Co census, p 720, #332/332, Louis Bolt,58 Va, farming, renter, Nancy A.,41 Mo, Thomas,26 Ill, farm hand, Hi-
                             ram,23 Ill, farm hand, James,21 Ill, farm hand, Elias,18 Ill, farm hand, Wm White,9 Ill, Ellen Washburn,7 Ill, Geo Guth-
                             rie,40 Ill.
a.   Catharine Bolt, b ca 1834 Ohio.
b.   Aaron Bolt, b ca 1838 Ohio.
c.   Isaac Bolt, b ca 1840 Ill.
d.   Thomas Bolt, b ca 1844 Ill.
e.   Hiram Bolt, b ca 1846-47 Ill.
f.    James Bolt, b ca 1848-49 Ill.
g.   Elizabeth Bolt, b ca 1848 Ill.
h.   Elias Bolt, b ca 1851-52 Ill.

8.   Spencer (Spence) Goad, b 7 Aug 1819 Va, m Lucy T. Cochran.

9.   Isaac (Ike) Goad, b 24 Dec 1824 Grayson Co, m(1) Susannah Elizabeth (Susan) Dalton, m(2) Catherine Nester.

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