Abraham Goad, 1710 - 1779, s/o Abraham Goad
                                                                  author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

3    Abraham Goad,2                                                                                                                                           (Abraham,1)

          b 15 Mar 1710 North Farnham Parish (NFP), Richmond Co, Va; d 1779 Pittsylvania Co, Va.
          m Joanna (?Wheatley), d prior 1779.

          1733 Richmond Co: Abraham Goad mentioned in his father Abraham Goad's will.  He obatined land from his father's estate and sold
                   part of it to his brother Peter, although no deed has been found in Richmond Co.
          1753, May and June: Prince William Co, Va: Abraham Goad mentioned in court minutes, having been summoned as a witness and
                    fined for failure to appear, and later acquitted after appearing to explain.
          1769 Pittsylvania Co Deed Bk 38, p 545: Abraham Goad obtained a land grant of 374 acres on Frying Pan Creek, adjoining Dalton.
          1779, 21 Sep: Pittsylvania Co Deed Bk 5, p 451-52: Abraham Goad's will proven (dated 13 Jul), listing daus Sarah Goad, Mary
                    (?Shane/Shaw), Hannah Burdit, Elizabeth Collier, Judith Hollay, Ruth Dillard, and sons William, Abraham, Robert.


1.   Sarah Goad, b 7 Apr 1735 NFP.   Single in 1779.

2.   Mary Goad, m ____ Shaw.  (Her last name has been read by some as "Shane" in her father's will, but as Ken Haas has pointed
                out there were no Shanes in Pittsylvania Co and therefore Shaw was probably correct.  There was a Thomas Shaw in the 1782
                Pittsylvania Land Tax list.)

3.   Hannah Goad, m ____ Burdett.  May have been married to the William Burdit living in the area.  She did not marry George
                Phillips (#42), as claimed by many websites.

4.   Elizabeth Goad, b ca 1755, d Jul 1830 prob Grayson Co, Va, m Aaron Collier (#1), b 15 Jan 1750 Bedford Co, Va (Lunenburg
                Co then), d 18 Jun 1842 Lee Co, Va, s/o William Collier.  Aaron and Elizabeth apparently div or separated about 1800, and she
                stayed in Grayson Co.  He moved to Lee Co, Va and m(2) Francis (Frankey) _____, and raised another family.  Elizabeth's death
                date was given in an 1853 document filed by her son Shadrack, who was trying to get a pension based on his father's war service.
                (her middle name was not Berry, as claimed by many websites.  Her son Dr Aaron J. Collier marr Elizabeth Berry)

5.   William Goad, b prior 1760, m Mary ____.
                Moved to SC and later to Rhea Co, Tenn.

6.   Judith Goad, b ca 1746, d Jan 1826 Montgomery Co, Ky, m prob ca 1732 Prince William Co, Va to John Halley, d 1802 Bed-
                ford Co.
                1754-58: John Halley/Hawley on the pay rolls of Capt Thomas Waggoner during the French and Indian War, and on size roll in
                         1756, described as age 24, 5 ft 3 1/2 in tall.
                1756, 9 Jun: John Halley served under Capt Waggoner at the Engagement of Monongahela, also known as "Braddock's Defeat".
                1778, Jan - Nov 82: John Halley captured along with Daniel Boone and others at Blue Licks, Ky and held captive by the Shaw-
                          nee Indians.
                1791 Woodford Co, Ky: John Halley had 400 acres surveyed.  This was land allotted to veterans of the French and Indian War.
                          John gave his son Benjamin power of atty to sell this land in 1797.
                1802, 27 Dec: Bedford Co (dated 4 Oct 1796): will of John Halley proven, mentioning wife Judah and children Benjamin, Mary
                          Williams (wife of Reason Williams), Sarah Halley (wife of Giles Halley), John, Joshua, Susanna, Fanny, Ann, and Jacob.
a.   Benjamin Halley, b prior 1767.
b.   Mary Halley, b ca 1769, m 20 Jan 1795 Bedford Co to Reason Williams.
c.   Sarah W. Halley, b ca 1772, d after 1830 Gallia Co, Ohio, m 29 Jan 1794 Bedford Co to Giles Halley, b 1763, s/o Henry
                      and Elizabeth Halley.
d.   John Halley, b ca 1773, m 28 Dec 1801 Bedford Co to Nancy Douglass.
e.   Joshua Halley, b ca 1775, m 6 May 1806 Clark Co, Ky to Sarah Jennings.  Lived in Clark/Montgomery Co, Ky.
f.   Susanna Halley.
g.   Fanny Halley, b ca 1776, m ca 1802 to Strode Benefield.
h.   Ann Halley, b ca 1778, m ca 1802 to Newport Oldham.
i.    Jacob Halley, b ca 1785, m 19 Nov 1806 Lynchburg, Va to Charlotte McGeorge.

7.   Ruth Goad, m Thomas Dillard, d prob 1820 Patrick Co, Va, s/o James Dillard, s/o Thomas Dillard of Pittsylvania Co.
                Thomas was in William Bobbitt's militia company.
                1775 Thomas Dillard settled on  Indian Ridge, Montgomery Co.
                1782 Montgomery Co tax list: Thomas Dillard.
                1788, 29 Aug: Montgomery Co tax list: Thomas Dillard, 4 horses, living near Aaron Collier.
                1789, 20 Aug: Montgomery Co tax list C: Thomas Dillard, 6 horses.
                1790, 2 May: Montgomery Co Survey Bk D, #266: 43 acres on Burks Fork surveyed for Thomas Dillard.
                1793 Thomas moved to Patrick Co.
                1820 Patrick Co Will Bk 1, p 200: appraisal of Thomas Dillard's estate.
a.   Sarah Dillard, m 1803 Patrick Co to John Branson.
b.   (dau) Dillard, who prob m William McMillian.
c.   Mary Dillard, m William Cock (poss s/o James Cock, s/o John Cock and Elizabeth Goad).
d.   Edward Dillard, b ca 1789, d ca 1826, m 12 Aug 1815 Patrick Co to Polly Daniel.
e.   Rebecca Dillard, b ca 1790 Va, d 4 Sep 1859, m 28 Jan 1807 Patrick Co to John (Mean Johnny) Bolt, b ca 1778, s/o John
                      Bolt.  Rebecca and John separated in 1839.
                      1850 Carroll Co census, #439, Thomas D. Bolt,21 Va, farmer, $150, America,14 Va, Rebecca,60 Va.
f.   James Dillard, b ca 1792, d 1860's, m(1) 1 Dec 1815 Patrick Co to Mary Smith, d 1850's.  James m(2) 1861 to Polly

8.   Abraham Goad, m Rainey ____.
                Died in Rev War service.

9.   Joshua Goad, d 31 Oct 1776.  Served in Rev War.

10.   Robert Goad, b 1750's, m Isabel ____.
                Moved to Grayson Co, Va.

         No evidence of the identity of the following, who doesn't fit into any of the known Goad families:
              Montgomery Co, Va Deed Bk B, p 398: Jacob Goad sold 15 acres in the county of "Shenandore" on Holmamams Creek to
                      Jacob Neece.  Land adjoined the lands of Thomas Hinton, George Rhether, and Michael Neese.
              1786, 18 Oct: Montgomery Co Deed Bk K, p 573: "Jacob Goad has not yet obtained a land grant and said 15 acres of land was
                        aquired from Lord Fairfax.  witness James Neville."

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