Richard Goad, 1780s - c1847, prob s/o Robert Goad
author: Michael D. Nestor, email:

246   Richard Goad,4                                                                                             ?  24  (Robert,3,John,2,Abraham,1)

               b 1780's; d ca 1847.
               m 27 Sep 1804 Pittsylvania Co, Va to Nancy Towler, b ca 1785-90 Va, d ca 1867, d/o Joseph and Frances Towler (Toler).
                   (marr by John Ayers, and also rec in Bedford Co)

               1804, Oct 19: Bedford Co, Va: Richard Goad wit deed for Robert Goad Sr and Thomas Goad.
               1810 Bedford Co census, p 452, Richard Goard, 20100-00100-01.
               1811, 28 Oct: Bedford Co Order Bk 15, p 413: Richard Goad recommended as Ensign.
               1812, 27 Jan: Bedford Co Order Bk 16, p 20: Richard Goad rec as Ensign.
               1814, 26 Dec: Bedford Co Order Bk 16, p 351: Richard Goad rec as Lieut.
                         Order Bk 17, p 500: Richard Goad resigns as Lieut.
               1820 Bedford Co census, p 385, Richard Gorde, 120010-20010.
               1830 Bedford Co census, p 186, Richard Goad, 112001-101001.
               1840 Bedford Co census, Southern Dist, p 263, Richard Goad, 00110001-0010001.
               1849, 20 Jun: Bedford Co Will Bk 13, p 274: List of sales for Richard Goad's estate.
               1850 Bedford Co census, p 237, #388/388, Nancy Goad,65 Va, $1300, Percilla,21 Va, Martial,20 Va.
               1860 Bedford Co census, Southern Revenue Dist, Davis Mills, p 224, #1604/1604, L. Goard,20 Va, farm hand, Nancy,70 Va, --,
                        $3500, living with G.W. Smith and P. Smith.  (L. Goad prob Littleton Goad, s/o
William Goad (#2461) below)
               1868, 21 Jan: Bedford Co Will Bk 21, p 240-41 (dated 13 Dec 1867): Inv and appro of personal prop of Nancy Goad.)


1.   William Goad, b ca 1806 Va, m(1) Cary Snow, m(2) Mary Jane Arthur, m(3) Sarah Jane Hines.

2.   Jonathan Goad, b ca 1806-09 Va, m Mary A. Tinsley.

3.   Uriah Goad, b ca 1809-15 Va, m(1) Sally George, m(2) Lucinda Jane Cundiff.

4.   Paulina Goad, m 11 Feb 1830 (bond 12 Jan) Bedford Co to Charles Bailey.
                     (Jonathan Goad surety, consent of Richard Goad, father, also rec in Campbell Co)
                     Paulina apparently d prior 1857, since only Charles Bailey's heirs were listed in Marshall Goad's estate settl, but not Paulina.
                     1840 and 1850 census, Charles not identified.

5.   Mary M.(?N.) Goad, b ca 1820 Va, m 28 Jun 1836 (bond 23 Jan) Bedford Co to Elijah C. Cundiff, b ca 1809 Va.
                     (Richard Goad, father and surety, also rec in Campbell Co)
                     1840 Bedford Co census, Southern Dist, p 270, Elijah Cundiff, 000001-10001.
                     1850 Bedford Co census, Southern Div, p 248, #545/545, Elijah Cundiff,41 Va, taylor, $1000, Mary N.,30 Va, Martha,13 Va,
                              Uriah Cundiff,56 Va, labourer.

6.   Robert Goad, b 16 Jan 1822 Bedford Co (per Winston Dalton's Journal), m Frances A. Towler (Toler).
                     He was previously identified by me as
Robert M. Goad (#24173) of Maury Co, Tenn, but his brother Marshall Goad's 1857
                     estate settlement proves otherwise, which lists "Robert Goad's heirs (Frances A. Goad)".  Further proving the point, Robert
                     Goad and Marshall Goad were listed adjacently in the 1852 Greenup Co, Ky tax list.  He is apparently the Robert Goad, who
                     had a son Albert R. Goad, b 1854 Greenup Co, Ky.  Frances' father William Toler was in Greenup Co in 1850 and was a
                     grandson of Joseph Toler of Pittsylvania Co.
                     Robert Goad has been called Robert Marshall Goad by some sources, confusing him with his brother Marshall Goad.

7.   Priscilla Goad, b ca 1829-30 Va, m 17 Dec 1850 (bond 16 Dec) Bedford Co to George W. Smith, b ca 1819 Va.
                     (d/o Nancy Goad acc to marr bond, Marshall Goad surety, also rec in Campbell Co)
                     1860 Bedford Co census, Southern Revenue Dist, Davis Mills, p 224, #1604/1604, G.W. Smith,41 Va, farmer, $2200, $1000,
                              P.,30 Va, A.J.,6 Va, L.M.,6/12 Va, L. Goard,20 Va, farmhand, Nancy,70 Va, --, $3500.

8.   Marshall Goad, b ca 1830 Va, d ca 1851-54.  Other name may have also been Andrew, see 1852 tax list below.
                     1850, 16 Dec: Marshall Goad surety for marr of his sister Priscilla.
                     1851 Greenup Co, Ky tax list, 1st part, Marshall Goad, 1 WM > 21, 1 horse/mare ($70), total value $70.  (listed adjacent to
                              Robert Goad)
                  ? 1852 Greenup Co tax list, Upper Dist (1st part), Andrew Goard, 1 WM > 21.  (listed adjacent to Robert Goard).
                     1854, Jan: Bedford Co Will Bk 15, p 211 (rec 26 Jul 1854): Estate of Marshall Goad, dec, in acct with E.C. Cundiff, adm.
                     1857, Mar: Bedford Co Will Bk 20, p 418 (rec 26 Mar 1866): Estate of Marshall Goad, in account with legatees E.C. Cundiff
                               (adm), Jonathan Goad, Nancy Goad, G.W. Smith and wife, Charles Bailey's heirs, Uriah Goad, Robert Goad's heirs
                               (Frances A. Goad), William Goad.

Bluford/Buford Goad (#22234), b ca 1810, m Sophia Turley.  His relationship to the Goad family isn't proven, but he
                          may be the son of
Abraham Goad (#2223), who had an unidentified son in the 1820 census.  Bluford's son William Riley
                          Goad may have been named for Abraham's son William R.

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The Goads A Frontier Family", p 103-04, Kenneth Haas.
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                              This site has the above Marshall Goad confused with his brother Robert M. Goad
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