James M. Goad, c1775-85 - 1829, prob s/o Robert Goad
author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

245   James M. Goad,4                                                                                        ?  24  (Robert,3,John,2,Abraham,1)

               b ca 1775-85; d 23 May 1829 White Co, Tenn.  (James' middle name was Madison acc to some accounts)
               m(b) 18 Oct 1804 Bedford/Pittsylvania Co, Va to Margaret (Peggy) Shockley, b 1792 Va, d 1850's Madison Co, Ark, d/o William
                        Shockley (RW veteran).
               Margaret m(2) prior to 1 May 1837 to John Franklin, b ca 1787-93 NC.  John m(2) Jane ____, b ca 1810 Tenn.

               1811 White Co, Tenn tax list, James Goard.
               1814 White Co tax list, James Goad, 10 acres on Smiths Cove.
               1814, 23 Aug: White Co: Stephen and James Goad witnessed will of William Cox (Cock).
               1820 White Co, Tenn census, p 354, James Goard, 210010-21010.
               1825, 11 Feb: White Co Deed Bk G, p 438: James Goad sold 10 acres to William Shelton for $100.
               1827 White Co tax llist, James Goad, 53 acres on Caney Fork River.
               1828, 12 Jan: James and Margaret Goad were members of the Rock River Baptist Church, W arren Co, Tenn (just across the
                         White Co line).
               1829 White Co tax list, James Goad.
               1830 White Co census, p 84, Margaret Goad, 0003-0010001.
               1832 White Co tax list, Peggy Goad, 50 acres.
               1836, 2 May: White Co County Court Minutes: John Franklin, adm of estate of James Goard, dec, allowed $15 for services.
                         Settlement of same on 3 May.
               1837, 22 May: White Co Deed Bk K, p 179 (deeded 1 May): The land of James Goard, dec, transferred to James Dillon.  This
                         document lists James' heirs: John Franklin and Margarett his wife (formerly Margarett Goard), Alexander Goard, Nathan
                         Driver and Isabell his wife, George Wood and Margarett his wife, "do make or cause to be made the titles of James Goard,
Robert Goard, Ephraim Goard, and the heirs of Robert Goard and Polly Dodson and will make a good title to the Thos
                         Goard, Ephriam Goard, James Goard, Robert Goard's deceased, heirs at law, Polly Dotson's dec'd heirs at law...."
                         (the underlined Robert Goard, above, perhaps should have read "Thomas Goard", since Robert is mentioned separately)
           ?  1840 Madison Co, Ark census, Bowen Twp, p 30, John Franklin, 01200001-001.
               1850 Madison Co census, Bowen Twp, p 288, #561/561, John Franklin,63 NC, farmer, $100, Margarett,58 Va.
               1860 Madison Co census, Bowen Twp, p 449, #705/705, John Franklin,67 NC, farmer, --, $90, Jane,50 Tenn, Catherine,21 Tenn,
                        John,6 Ark.


1.   Robert Peter Goad, b Jul 1805 Va, m Caroline Julia Ann Stephens.

2.   Mary M. (Polly) Goad, b 1807, d 12 Nov 1830 White Co, m White Co to Eli Dodson Sr, b 1798 Va, d 7 Mar 1828 White Co,
                     s/o William Dodson.
a.   Eli Dodson, b 22 May 1828 White Co, d 4 Mar 1921 Yellville, Ark, m(1) Rhoda C. Cantrell, b 1847, d 14 Apr 1870, d/o
                           Abner Cantrell and Mary Moxey.  Eli m(2) Mrs Marye Hastings, d Feb 1871, and m(3) Mary C. Cantrell, d/o Abner
                           Cantrell and Mary Moxey.  Eli was raised by his uncle Alexander Goad and became a Col in the 14th Ark Inf, and later
                           a lawyer and state legislator.

3.   Alexander S. Goad, b 13 Sep 1810 White Co, Tenn, m(1) Jane Womack, m(2) Jane Henderson, m(3) Jame Wilmoth.

4.   Isabelle (Ibby) Goad, b 16 Apr 1811 Warrren Co, Tenn, d 4 Aug 1875 Madison Co, Ark, m 1831 Warren Co, Tenn to Nath-
                     aniel (Nathan) Columbus Driver, b 17 Mar 1810 Tenn, d 9 Mar 1875, s/o Reddick and Mary (Polly) Driver.
                     1840 Madison Co, Ark census, Bowen Twp, p 31, Nathaniel Driver, 20001-110001.  (listed next to Alexander Goad)
                     1850 Madison Co census, Bowen Twp, p 292, #615/615, Nathan Driver,42 Tenn, farmer, $300, Ibby,37 Tenn, Permelia,18
                              Tenn, Noah,16 Tenn, laborer, Odias,14 Ark, Milly,12 Ark, Henry,7 Ark, James,5 Ark, Eliza,4 Ark, Peggy,3 Ark,
                              Polly,2 Ark.
                     1860 Madison Co census, Bowen Twp, p 449, #708/708, Nathan Driver,54 Tenn, farmer, $800, $1200, Isabel,46 Tenn,
                              Henry,20 Ark, farm laborer, Jasper,19 Ark, farm laborer, Eliza J.,16 Ark, Margaret,14 Ark, Mary,12 Ark, Iba,9 Ark,
                              Nathan,6 Ark, Dinncy,4 Ark, idiot, J. (?A.) Hobbs,102 Va, O.S.B P.......
                     1870 Madison Co census, Bowen Twp, p 371, #68/73, Nathan Driver,60 Tenn, farmer, $600, $400, Isabella,59 Tenn, Mar-
                              garet,30 Ark, Eliza,24 Ark, Nathan,16 Ark, Mary,13 Ark, insane.
a.   Permelia Driver, b 16 Mar 1832 Tenn, d 28 Feb 1901 Boone Co, Ark, m Francis Marion Wilmoth, b 18 Aug 1826
                           Overton Co, Tenn, d 16 Mar 1916 Boone Co, s/o Wilson Wilmoth and Keziah Cooper.  Francis also was marr to Louisa
                           Alred and Lucy Jane Blaylock Gaines.
b.   Noah Driver, b ca 1834 Tenn, m Caroline ____.  Noah served in the 27th Ark Conf Inf.
c.   Ozias Driver, b ca 1835-36 Ark, m Sarah Ann Wood, b Jul 1843 Tenn.  Listed in Madison Co in 1880.
d.   Mildred (Milly) Driver, b ca 1838 Ark.
e.   Henry Driver, b ca 1840-44 Madison Co, m(1) Mary ____, b ca 1845 Ark.  He m(2) Surrilda ____, b ca 1861 Ark.
                           Listed in Madison Co in 1870 and 1880.
f.   James Jasper Driver, b ca 1840-45 Ark, m Mary ____, b ca 1842-43 Ark.  Listed in Madison Co in 1870 and Johnson
                           Co, Ark in 1880.
g.   Eliza Jane Driver, b ca 1846 Ark.
h.   Margaret (Peggy) Driver, b ca 1847 Ark.
i.   Mary (Polly) Driver, b ca 1848 Ark.
j.   Iba (?Isabelle) Driver, b ca 1851 Ark.
k.   Nathan Driver, b ca 1854 Ark.
l.   Dinncy Driver, b ca 1856-57 Ark.  Listed as Mary in 1870.

5.   James Madison Goad, b ca 1817 White Co, Tenn, m Rebecca Fisher.
                     Moved to Franklin and Crawford Co's, Ark.

6.   Margaret Goad, b 28 Mar 1820 White Co, d 3 Mar 1888 Boone Co, Ark, m 15 Oct 1835 White Co to George T. Wood, b
                     29 Jul 1813 Cumberland, Ky, d 28 Aug 1880 Lead Hill, Boone Co, s/o George Wood and Elizabeth Irwin.
                     1840 Madison Co, Ark census, Bowen Twp, p 31, George Woods, 10001-2001.  (listed near Alexander Goad)
                     1850 Madison Co census, Bowen Twp, p 285, #578/578, George Wood,37 Tenn, farmer, $100, Margarett,31 Tenn, Cath-
                              arine,13 Ark, James,12 Ark, Ibby,11 Ark, William,10 Ark, George,9 Ark, Ephraim C.,7 Ark, Margarett,5 Ark, John,3
                              Ark, Elizabeth,1 Ark.
                     1860 Madison Co, Ark census, Bowen Twp, p 447, #700/700, George Wood,47 Ky, farmer, $600, $500, Margaret,40 Tenn,
                              William E.,17 Ark, farm laborer, George W.,16 Ark, Margaret,15 Ark, Ephraim C.,14 Ark, John T.,12 Ark, Elizabeth,
                              11 Ark, Nancy,9 Ark, Joseph,7 Ark, Mary,5 Ark, Charity,1 Ark.
                     1870 census, family not located.
                     1880 Boone Co, Ark census, Sugar Loak Twp, p 604B, George Wood,66 Ky (consumption), Margret,60 Tenn, Polly,24 Ark.
a.   Catherine Wood, b 7 Aug 1836 Ark, d 27 Oct 1908 Okfuskee Co, Okla, m William Reed, b ca 1808 Tenn.
b.   James Monroe Wood, b 15 May 1838 Ark, d 30 Mar 1924 LeFlore Co, Okla, m 17 Feb 1858 Madison Co, Ark to Mary
                           C. Robinson, b 14 Feb 1844 Madison Co, d 31 Jul 1917 LeFlore Co, d/o Miles E. Robinson and Mary McElhaney.
c.   Emaline Wood, b 15 May 1838 Ark, d in infancy.
d.   Isabel (Ibby) Wood, b ca 1839 Ark, d young.
e.   William Ira Wood, b ca 1840-43 Ark, d 1909 Pottawotamie Co, Okla, m Mary Ann South.
f.   George W. Wood, b ca 1841-44 Ark, d 1880 Logan Co, Ark, m Mary Ann Frisby.
g.   Ephraim C. Wood, b ca 1843-46 Ark, m Emaline Foyester, b ca 1842 Ala.
                           1870 Franklin Co, Ark census, Ephraim Woods,28 Ark, Emeline,28 Ala.
h.   P. Margaret Wood, b 15 Dec 1846 Madiso Co, Ark, d 22 Mar 1925 Okfuskee Co Okla, m 1872 To John Stills, b 12 Sep
                           1837 Nashville, Davidson Co, Tenn, d Dec 1911 Okfuskee Co, s/o Alan Stiles and Laura Carter..
i.   John Templeton Wood, b 25 Sep 1848 Ark, d 11 Dec 1918 Custer Co, Okla, m Julia Ann Womack.
j.   Elizabeth Wood, b 15 Jul 1850 Ark, d 17 Jun 1916, m 25 Mar 1877 to William Henry Mooneyham.
k.   Nancy Wood, b 25 Mar 1852 Ark, d 25 Mar 1925 Tarrant Co, Tex, m 20 Sep 1874 Boone Co, Ark to George Washing-
                           ton Wilmoth, d 25 Mar 1925.
l.   Joseph E. Wood, b 15 Jan 1855 Ark, d 15 Feb 1920 Montague Co, Tex, m Lavica ____, b ca 1854 Ark.
                           1880 census, living next to George.
m.   Mary (Polly) Wood, b ca 1855-56 Ark, d 1904 Boone Co.
n.   Charity Wood, b 11 Feb 1859 Ark, d Oct 1893 Tex.  Poss the Charity,21 Ark, wife of James Tittsworth,23 Ark, living
                            next to George in 1880.
o.   Rhoda Caroline Goad, b 2 Mar 1861 Ark, d 23 Jan 1946 Okfuskee Co, Okla.

               The following have been claimed by some as sons of James Goad, but they aren't found in the records and may be non-existent

7.   Thomas S. Goad, supposedly b 13 Sep 1809, m Elizabeth Rebecca  Jones.
                     Not listed in any census.

8.   Ephraim C. Goad, supposedly b ca 1815, d 1881, m(1) Susannah E. Partridge, m(2) Nancy O. Fulton.
                     Not listed in any census.
                     The Ephraim in James' list of heirs is his grandson, s/o Robert Goad.

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