Robert Goad, c1742 - 1830s, s/o John Goad
author: Michael D. Nestor, email:

24    Robert Goad,3                                                                                                                          2  (John,2,Abraham,1)

             b ca 1742; d 1830's Maury Co, Tenn.
             m(1) Martha (Patsy/Patty) ____.
             m(2) 12 Nov 1824 Maury Co to Susannah Hood (some sources claim her last name was Donaldson).

             1767, 25 Nov: Bedford Co, Va Order Bk 3, p 402: William, Robert, and Ab Goad, et al, and their hands to work on the road.
             1771 Bedford Co: Robert mentioned in father's will.
             1782-1803: Bedford Co tax lists, Robert Goad.
             1785, 28 Mar: Bedford Co Order Bk 8, p 107: Robert Goad surety on peace bond.
             1787 Bedford Co Deed Bk 8, p 16: Robert Cowan, Atty, deeded 103 acres on N side of Staunton River to Robert Goad.
             1793, 15 May: Bedford Co Deed Bk 9, p 247: Robert Goad sold 51 1/2 acres to Joseph Toler.
             1795 Bedford Co Deed Bk 9, p 530: Robert Cowan, Atty, deeded 92 acres on the N side of Staunton River to Robert Goad.
             1804, 19 Oct: Bedford Co Deed Bk 11, p 1185: Robert Goad Sr and son Thomas sold 198 acres on the N side of the Staunton
                       River to Joseph Toler.
             1806, 15 Dec: Pittsylvania Co, Va Order Bk 17, p 304: Robert Goad vs Peter & Richard Bennet, petition for debt.
             1807, 16 Jun: Pittsylvania Co Order Bk 17, p 482, same, petition for debt.
             1807, 18 Aug: Pittsylvania Co Order Bk 17, p 523, same, payment.
             1807 (about): Robert Went to Tenn, prob Williamson Co, near Columbia, when a portion became Maury Co.
             1816 Maury Co, Tenn tax list, Robert Goad.
             1817, Feb: Robert Goad Sr and Robert Goad Jr were appointed by the Maury Co court to a jury of view to lay out a road from
                       Robert Sellers Ferry on Duck River to the head of Carters Creek the nearest and best way and to report to the next session
                       of court.  When the jury reported back to court 15 Aug 1817 Thomas Goad Sr and Thomas Goad Jr signed the docket.
                       (This has been take to be proof that Robert Sr and Jr were the same person as Thomas Sr and Jr, but it is curious that
                       Robert Sr would have a son Thomas and a distinctly different son Robert who was also known as Thomas.)
             1820 Maury Co census, p 60, Robbert Goad, 001101-00011.
             1830 Maury Co census, p 401, Robert Goard Sr, 01010000001-001001.


1.   Thomas Goad, b 1760's, m July Toler, and poss m(2) Nelly ____.
                   Lived in Maury Co and moved to Giles Co, Tenn.

2.   Peter Goad, prob b prior 1768.
                   1786, 1790, 1791, and 1792 Bedford Co tax lists.
                   1803 Bedford Co tax list, Nancy Goad.  (prob widow of Peter)

3.   Elizabeth Goad, m 1790 Franklin Co to Wm Clement, Wm Goad surety.
                   No proof she is Robert's dau, and could be d/o
William Goad (#22) or Thomas Goad (s/o John Goad (#21)).

4.   Robert Goad, b ca 1779 Va, m(1) Mary (Polly) Mahon, m(2) Cynthia (Syntha) Fitzgerald.
                   Lived in Maury Co.

5.   Nancy Goad, m 19 Jan (bond 14 Jan) 1797 Bedford Co to William Goad (#2221), s/o Nancy's 1st cousin William Goad and
                   Jemima Goad.   (Nancy was d/o Robert acc to marr bond, surety Thomas Goad, marr by Rev John Ayers)

  245  ?
6.   James M. Goad, b ca 1775-1785, m Margaret (Peggy) Shockley.
                   Lived in White Co, Tenn, and after he died, his family went to Madison Co, Ark.

  246  ?
7.   Richard Goad, b 1780's, m Nancy Towler.
                   Lived in Bedford Co, Va.

8.   Catherine (Katey) Goad, b ca 1790 Va, m 12 Mar 1804 Bedford Co to John Meece, d after the Battle of New Orleans, s/o
                   Phillip Meece.  John Meece, Jno Meece, and Thomas Goad signed the marriage document.  "
This is to certify that I Robert and
                   Patty Goad of Bedford County do consent for our daughter Catey to marry this said John Meece to the office in Bedford ____
                   1820 Maury Co census, p 60, Catherine Mease, 320000-00010.
                   1850 Maury Co census, Dist 20, p 203, #708/708, Catharine Meese,60 Va, living with William C. Meese.
                   issue: (supposedly 8 total)
a.   Phillip Meece, d prior 1850, m 29 Jan 1829 to Harriett Butt.  Moved to Yolobusha Co, Miss.
b.   George Washington Meece, m Nancy Caroline Dorris.
c.   Abraham Meece, b ca 1812 Tenn, m Martha Frances Southall, b 1815 Va (but age 44 in 1850), d/o James Southall and
                         Julia Flippin.
                         1850 Maury Co census, Abram Meece,38 Tenn, Martha L.,44 Va, Eliza P.,12 Tenn, William J.,10 Tenn, Charles W.,8
                                  Tenn, Catherine L.,7 Tenn, George W.,5 Tenn, Oseco,8 Tenn, Mary F.,7 Tenn.
d.   William Carroll Meece, b ca 1809 or 1815 Tenn, m Hannah ____, b ca 1805 NC.
                         1850 Maury Co census, Dist 20, p 203, #708/708, William C. Meese,35 Tenn, farmer, Hannah,45 NC, John W.,11 Tenn,
                                  Theopholus,10 Tenn, Caroline,8 Tenn, Calvin,5 Tenn, Pinkney,5 Tenn, M.M.W.5 Tenn, Catharine Meese,60 Va.
e.   Richard Meece, b ca 1817, d 1877, m(1) ____ Southall, m(2) Margaret Ann Duncan.

             There were a number of unidentified Goads in Maury Co, probably most related to Robert Goad Sr, above, but no proof of their
             relationship.  These are listed on the page for
Thomas Goad (#241), above, as some are likely his children.

             Note:  Some sources say Robert m(1) Jane Dodson, but no documentation available.

             Ref:  "
The Goads A Frontier Family", 1984 and 1995, Kenneth F. Haas, p 88-91.