John Goad, 1770s -   , prob s/o Abraham Goad
                                                                 author: Michael D. Nestor, email:

235    John Goad,4                                                                                                          ?  23   (Abraham,3,John,2,Abraham,1)

                Prob b 1770's or earlier.  He was prob a s/o Abraham Goad, though no proof.

                Minimal information on him, other than the following.

                1805 Anderson Co, Tenn petition: John Goad.  (also listed was
Ayers Goud (#233), s/o Abraham Goad)
                Possibly same as:
                1820 Putnam Co, Ga census, Capt Martin W. Stampers Dist, p 91, John Good, 110101-31010.
            ?  1830 Monroe Co, Tenn census, 98th Regmt, p 153, Hirem Goard, 2100101-00001.  (John may have been the male age 40-50)

                John may have gone to Greene Co, Ind along with brother Ayers, and left some sons there, who were possibly raised by Ayers.
                It is highly likely, but not proven, that he was the ancestor of many, or most, of the Goads of northern Georgia.

                issue: (possible, but no proof for any)

  2351  ? 
1.   Hiram Goad, b ca 1798-00 Va, m Eliza Jane Nickolson.
                      In Monroe Co, Tenn in 1830, Scott Co, Va in 1840, and Morgan Co, Ky in 1850.

  2352  ? 
2.   Jacob Goad, b ca 1804-05 Tenn, m Sarah ____.
                      In Monroe Co, Tenn in 1830, living adjacent to Hiram Goard and Littleton Goard.  Moved to Greene Co, Ind.

  2353  ? 
3.   Littleberry (Berry) Goad, b ca 1800-10, m Ann Johnson.
                      Lived in Greene Co, Ind.

  2354  ? 
4.   Ephraim Goad, b ca 1804-05 Tenn, m(1) ____, m(2) Susannah W. Jester.
                      In Campbell Co, Tenn in 1830, Hamilton Co, Tenn in 1840, in Walker Co, Ga in 1850, and later in Carroll Co, Ark.

  2355  ? 
5.   Aaron Goad, b ca 1810 Ga, m Frances (Fanny) Jones.
                      Birth year is a rough estimate.  Descendants have claimed that Aaron was a s/o
Aaron Goad (#236), s/o Abraham, s/o Aaron,
                      s/o Aaron.  His family lived in Greene Co, Ind.  Or could have been a s/o
Ayers Goad (#233) or was raised by Ayers.

                other possible issue:

  2333  ? 
6.   Littleton Goad, b ca 1812 Tenn, m Martha Jane Jones.
                      Currently listed as s/o Ayers Goad.
                      He was listed adjacent to Jacob and Hiram Goad, above, in the 1830 Monroe Co census.

7.   John Goad, b ca 1800-10, m ____.
                      1830 Bibb Co, Ala census, p 144, John Goard, 11101-10001.
                      He was possible the father of the following Goads of
Lincoln Co, Tenn (#X4), although no proof:
a.   James Goad, b ca 1826 Tenn, m Harriett ____.  (his age may be 34, instead of 24, so could be born ca 1816)
b.   William Goad, b ca 1825 Tenn, m Rachael ____.
c.   Thomas Goad, b ca 1827 Tenn, m Mary ____.

8.   (unknown son) Goad, m Priscilla ____, b 1780's.
                   ? 1820 Putnam Co, Ga census, Capt John Tomlinson's Dist, p 5, Priscilla Goad, 100000-12010.
                   ? 1830 Bibb Co, Ga census, Macon, p 50, Priscilla Good, 000111-0001001.

                The following is sometimes claimed s/o John Goad, but no evidence given (and many source claim he was a s/o
Stephen A.
                Goad (#225), or even John's brother Ayers Goad (#233), although they were prob too close in age):

  2253  ? 
Amos Goad, b ca 1798-04 Va (or Tenn), m Saloma (Saloney) ____.
                Was in White Co, Tenn in 1824, and Graves Co,  Ky by 1840, and later to Ouachita Co, Ark.

                Misc Georgia Goad records that may or may not be related to John Goad's family:
                   1850 Murray Co, Ga census, 63rd Div, p 174, Martha Goad,21 SC, living with family of William E. Cox,29 SC.
                            (she was poss the Martha Gard,30 SC, living in Hamilton Co, Tenn in 1860, with family of James Nave,38 Tenn.  3 of
                             household members were born in Ga)
                   1860 Dade Co, Ga census, 873rd Dist, p 898, #272/228, Sarah Goard,38 Tenn, -- $25, Mary,13 Tenn, Nancy,6 Tenn.
                            (family not located in 1850 or 1870, unless she was the Sarah J. Good,26 Tenn, living in Cannon Co, Tenn with dau Mary
                            A. Good,5 Tenn.  This Sarah could be related to
William Goad (#2321) of Cannon Co, but no evidence.)

                Ref:   "
The Goads A Frontier Family", 1984 and 1995, Kenneth F. Haas.