Ayers Goad, c1780 - 1855, s/o Abraham Goad
                                                                 author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

233   Ayers Goad,4                                                                                                              23   (Abraham,3,John,2,Abraham,1)

               b ca 1780 Va; d 16 Sep 1855 Greene Co, Ind.
               m Edith Collier, b ca 1780 Va, d 1859.  Her last name has been quoted as "Cazad", in the past, but there has been recent claims
                   that she was a "Collier", and specifically the d/o
Aaron Collier (#1) and Elizabeth Goad (d/o Abraham Goad (#3)).  The
                   evidence for her last name being Collier is the letter by her great-grandson Thomas Jones, which is quoted below.

               Moved to Anderson Co, Tenn by 1802, then to Monroe Co, Tenn by 1830, and then to Greene Co, Ind by 1840

               1799, 1800 Grayson Co, Va tax list, Ares Goad, 1 tithable.
               1802 Anderson Co, Tenn tax list, Ayers Goard, Capt Davis Co.
               1802, 22 Oct: Anderson Co Deed Book A1, p 72 (rec 26 Aug 1803): James Bray conveyed 84 acres in Raccoon Valley for $170
                         to Hairs Goad.  Wit: Aron Jinkins, Thomas Frost, Robert Lawson.
               1805 Anderson Co Petition: Ayers Goud.
               1808, 1 Jan: Anderson Co Deed Book G1, p 248 (rec Aug 1831): Ayers Goad conveyed 84 acres in Raccoon Valley for $225 to
                         Robert Lawson.  Wit: John Garner and J. Roysdon.
               1808, 1 Aug: Anderson Co Deed Bk: Survey for Abraham Goad.  Heirs Goad was one of the chainmen.
               1808, 2 Aug: (Overton Co, Tenn deed): Survey for Abraham Goad.  Heirs Goad was one of the chainmen.
               1818, 1823 Campbell Co, Tenn tax lists: Ayers Goad.
               1820 census, Ayers not located.
               1830 Monroe Co, Tenn census, p 153, Ayres Goad, 00202001-00010001.
               1830, 7 Jan: Monroe Co deed: Aaron Roach to Ares Good, land on Sink Hole Creek, adjoining land of Jos Boyd and Isaac Nichol-
               1840 Greene Co census, p 117, Ayers Goad, 000000001-000000001.
               1850 Greene Co census, Dist #40, p 309, #425/425, Ayers Goad,70 Va, farmer, $850, Edith,70 Va.
               1855, 18 Sep (dated 20 Feb 1845): Will of Ayers Goad proven, execs: Peyton and Henry Goad, who received all of Ayers' land.

               issue: (4 males and 1 dau in 1830 census; only proven are Peyton and Henry, per will, and Francis per son Thomas Jones' letter)
                         (some of these males may be sons of Ayers probable brother
John Goad (#235), who may have gone to Greene Co, Ind
                         and returned to Ga or Tenn)

  2352 ? 
1.   Jacob Goad, b ca 1804-05 Tenn, m Sarah ____.
                     Prob a s/o
John Goad (#235), as Jacob and John's probable son Hiram were listed adjacently in 1830.

  2353 ? 
2.   Littleberry (Berry) Goad, b ca 1800-10, m Ann Johnson.
                     Prob a s/o
John Goad (#235).

3.   Francis (Fanny) Goad, b ca 1810-11 Anderson Co, Tenn, d Fannin Co, Ga, m John H. (Johnny) Jones, b ca 1804-05 Burke
                     Co, NC, d 1888 Fannin Co, bur Jones Cem, Fannin Co, s/o Robert Jones and Susannah Johnson.  They were bur in Swanson
                     Cem, Murphy, Cherokee Co, NC, acc to Ref 6 below.  John Jones was Cherokee.
                     1840 Greene Co, Ind census, p 116, John Jones, 120001-01001.
                     1850 Cherokee Co, NC census, p 41, #535/535, Jacob Jones,21 NC, farming, Martha J.,17 NC, Jomes Jones,46 NC, farming,
                              Francis,40 Tenn, Elmira,18 Ind, Thomas,17 Ind, farming, Peyton,15 Ind, Airs,10 Tenn, Robert,5 Tenn, Edy I.,2 NC.
                              (Jacob was John Jones' younger brother)
a.   Elmira Jones, b ca 1832 Ind (b 1836 acc to Ref 6 below), m Abraham Elrod, b 4 Mar 1833.
                     b.   Thomas M. Jones,
b ca 1833 Ind, d 1890 Sylco, Murray Co, Ga, m Martha Fowler.
                     c.   Peyton Lionell Jones,
b ca 1835 Ind, m Tempy Rhea.
                     d.   Ayers Jones,
b ca 1840 Polk Co, Tenn, d Sep 1893 (shot by his son John), m Martha Kilpatrick.  Moved to Pigeon
                           Mountain, Georgia in 1890.
                           issue: Aquilla (Quill); Telia; John; Basil; Greer.
e.   Robert Jones, b ca 1845 Tenn, d Jul 1896 Fannin Co, Ga, m Margaret Ann Pack.
                     f.    Edith I. (Edy) Jones,
b ca 1848 NC, m ____ Green.
g.   Susan Jones, b ca 1850, m ____ Stafford.

  2333 ? 
4.   Littleton Goad, b ca 1812 Tenn, m Martha Jane Jones.
                     May be a s/o
John Goad (#235), as Littleton was listed adjacent to Jacob and Hiram in 1830.

5.   Margaret (Peggy) Goad, b ca 1804 Ky (b 1810-15 near the Hiawatha Purchase, Monroe Co, Tenn acc to some sources), m
                     Joshua Roach, b ca 1802 Ky, s/o James Roach.
                     1830 Greene Co, Ind census, p 164, Joshua Roache, 20001-01001.
                     1840 Greene Co census, p 117, Joshua Roach, 012001-210101.
                     1850 Greene Co census, Dist #40, p 309, #427/427, Joshua Roach,48 Tenn, farmer, Peggy,46 Ky, Fanny,18 Ind, Henry,22
                              Tenn, laborer, Mathis,16 Ind, Pollyann,14 Ind, Rachel,9 Ind, Juliann,7 Ind, David,5 Ind, Elisabeth,3 Ind, James Jordan,
                               17 Ind, laborer.
a.   Henry Roach, b ca 1828 Ind.
b.   Fanny Roach, b ca 1832 Ind.
c.   Mathis Roach, b ca 1834 Ind.
d.   Pollyann Roach, b ca 1836 Ind.
e.   Rachel Roach, b ca 1841 Ind.
f.   Juliann Roach, b ca 1843 Ind.
g.   David Roach, b ca 1845 Ind.
h.   Elisabeth Roach, b ca 1847 Ind.
                     (following apparently incorrect, although she is listed by many researchers)
i.   Lucy Roach, b ca 1841 Ind, m 19 Aug 1858 Roach Co to Clement Quillen Goad (#23333), b 17 May 1840 Greene Co,
                           s/o Littleton Goad and Martha Jane Jones.  Lucy apparently d by 1865, the year Clement remarried.
                           (The only Lucy Roach in Greene Co in 1850 was age 9, d/o Nancy Roach,44 Ky (wid)).

6.   Henry Goad, b ca 1814-16 Tenn, m(1) Elizabeth Isham, m(2) Sarah (Sally) Roach.

7.   Peyton Goad, b ca 1818 Tenn, m(1) Sophia Jones, m(2) Mary Roach.

               Following are unlikely sons of Ayers Goad:

  2354 ? 
8.   Ephraim Goad, b ca 1805 Tenn, d 1876, m(1) ____, m(2) Susannah W. Jester.
                     Lived in Campbell Co, Tenn, Hamilton Co, Tenn, Walker Co, Ga, and finally moved to Carroll Co, Ark.
                     No evidence that Ephraim was a s/o Ayers Goad, but more likely he was a s/o Ayer' brother
John Goad (#235).  Less likely,
                     Ephaim may be the Ephraim C. Goad, b 1815, s/o Abraham's nephew
James M. Goad (#245).

  2355 ? 
9.   Aaron Goad, b ca ?1810 Ga, d 1830's Ind, m 28 Jul 1833 Greene Co, Ind to Frances (Fanny) Jones, b ca 1818 NC, d 1856.
                     Possibly same as
Aaron Goad (#236), who previously was speculated to be a s/o Abraham Goad (#23).  More likely he
                     was s/o
John Goad (#235), prob s/o Abraham Goad (#23).  If he was the older Aaron who left records ca 1812 in White Co,
                     Tenn, he would have been born in the early 1790's, or earlier, but still could be s/o John Goad, and would have been much
                     older than his wife Frances (Fanny).

               Ref:  1.  "
The Goads A Frontier Family", 1984 and 1995, Kenneth F. Haas, p 28-30.
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Carroll 1765-1815 The Settlements", 1985, John Perry Alderman, p 52.
                        3.   Jody Goad's
                        4.   Wanda June Goad Worland's sheets, recorded on Mike Goad's
                        5.   Viola H. Jones, email:
violajones@charter.net She found the following letter in Thomas M. Jones' trunk, which was
                              probably written in the late 1870's:
                                 Slyco Polk County Tennessee
                                 Mr D. Ross European Claims Agency 227
                                 Third Street New York
                                 Dear sir I will say to you that I do not no whether I am an Heir or not.  My ancestors Names is as follows so far as I
                                 no.  My grand father's Names was Robbert Jones.  His mother's maiden name Marry Sloan both are sed to be of Eng-
                                 lish descent.  According my recolection my father's mother's maiden name was Susannah Johnson dauter of Jacob
                                 Johnson who was said to be of Germany.  Susannah's mother was ____ ____ Margaret Pack of Ireland.   I believe this
                                 is about all that I recollect my father's Side of the family.  Now my mother's maiden name was Fanny Goad (not
                                 Goode).  Her father's name was Ayers Goad and his mother's maiden name was Seviear.  The Goads were sed to be of
                                 Scotland the Seviears I do not no.  Though They Were of Gen John Seviear's family.  My grand mother on my mother's
                                 side was a Collier.  And my grate Grandmother was a Lawson.  I think they were of Irish Descent. 
                        6.   Ramona Elrod's email:
                        7.  "
Walker County, Georgia Heritage Book", #670, John Jones Family.