Isham Goad, c1774 - 1815, s/o Abraham Goad
                                                                 author: Michael D. Nestor, email:

232   Isham Goad,4                                                                                                             23   (Abraham,3,John,2,Abraham,1)

               b ca 1774; d 16 Jul 1815 White Co, Tenn.
               m 6/7 Jul 1792 Patrick Co, Va to Nancy Reynolds, b ca 1776 Va
               Nancy m(2) ca 1820 to Benjamin (Ben) Turner, and moved to Washington Co, Mo in the 1830's.

               1790 Montgomery Co, Va tax list.
               1793 Wythe Co, Va tithable list, Isom Goad, 1 tithable.
               1794-97 Grayson Co, Va tax lists, Isham Goad, 1 tithable.
               1795, 30 Jun: Land Grant: Isom Goad obtained 100 acres on Big Reed Island.  He was the assignee of Zachariah Stanley who
                         entered a claim for this 100 acres on 21 Oct 1782, on the waters of Dalton's Creek.
               1797 Grayson Co Deed Bk 1, p 500, Isom Goad and wife Nancy to Chris Hiatt, 100 acres on Big Reed Island Creek.
               1801-04 Montgomery Co tax lists.
               1803, 2 Nov: Montgomery Co: Isham made claim for killing 1 old wolf.
               1804, 5 Sep: Montgomery Co: Isom, assignee, John McHenry's claim for 1 old wolf.
               1804, 6 Nov: Montgomery Co: Isom's claim for killing 1 old wolf.
               1807, 27 Jan: Grayson Co: Isham made claim for killing 8 old wolves.
               1807, 24 Nov: Grayson Co: Isham's claim for killing 3 old wolves.
               1810, 22 May: Grayson Co: Isom's claim for killing 4 old wolves.
               1810 Montgomery Co census, p 22, Isam Goard, 22110-30101-00.
               1811, 28 May: Grayson Co: Isam's claim for killing 4 old wolves and 3 young wolves.
               1812 White Co, Tenn tax list, Capt John Cummings Co, Isham Goad, 110 acres, 1 poll.
               1812, 10 Aug: White Co Court Minutes, p 190: Ordered by Court that Isham Gourd be appointed Overseer of the road leading
                         from the branch by his own house to the intersection of said road with the Oar bank road, and that he keep the same in
                         repair as the law requires, and that David Newman Esq. furnish a list of hands to work there on and it is orderc according-
                         ly.  Issd. Augt 20, 1812.
               1812, 16 Oct: White Co Circuit Court Minutes Bk 1811-12, p 24: Isham Goad and Alexander Glenn made bond for Aaron Goade,
                         who was indicted for assault and battery.  (this Aaron could have been a s/o Isham, or his supposed  brother
Aaron Goad
                         (#237), or less likely his nephew Aaron Goad (#B) - the latter entered service in the War of 1812 in Montgomery Co, Va
                         on 1 Aug 1813, hasn't been located in the 1820 census)
               1814 White Co: Isham Goad, 110 acres by deed of conveyance.
               1815, 14 Jan: "
Pensioners living in Tenn from the Revolution, War of 1812 & War of 1818", Mrs John Trotwood Moore, 1932,
                         p 334, #1396: "Isham Goard, Private, original commencement of pension 14 Jan 1815, transferred to widow Nancy".
               1815 White Co tax list, Isham Goard, 110 acres.
               1815, 31 Jul: White Co Inventory & Will Bk A, p 36: inv of estate of Isham Goad, dec, adm Nancy Goad, who entered in bond
                         with Daniel Newman and Alexander Glenn Jnr.
               1816 White Co tax list, Nancy Goad, 119 acres.
               1817, 20 Jan: White Co Inventory & Will Bk A, p 135: settlement of estate of Isham Goad:  "Having met on examination of the
                         papers produced to us we find receipts in the hands of Nancy Goard, alias Nancy Turner, to the amount of one hundred
                         and forty-four dollars, which appears to be the settlement in full with the three oldest heirs viz Alexander Glenn, William
                         Goad, Frederick Nester, and we believe there is property sufficient in the hands of Benjamin Turner and Nancy his wife,
                         formerly the wife of Isham Goad, dec'd. to satisfy the residue of the heirs.  We also believe it necessary that guardians be
                         apponted for heirs that are not of age, that is, Robert, Booker, and Nancy.  Given under our hands and seals the day and
                         year shown above.   Eli Sims   John Townsend"
               1817 White Co tax list, Capt Jos Walling Co, Nancy Goad, no poll, 110 acres.
               1818 White Co tax list, Nancy Goad, no poll, 50 acres.
               1818, 24 Oct: White Co (rec 22 Dec 1817): rec of Nancy Goad, adm of Isham Goad's estate, $28, test Alex Glenn.
               1820 White Co: settlement of "Nancy Goard, alias Nancy Turner".
               1820 White Co census, p 346, Benjamin Turner, 011101-21001.
               1821 White Co tax list, Capt Wallings Co, Nancy Goad 110 acres.
          ?   1830 White Co census, p 4, Nancy Turner, 002-00000001.  (may be wrong family, since Benjamin not listed)
               1840 Washington Co, Mo census, Harmony Twp, p 213, Ben Turner, 0000000001-000000001.
               1850 Washington Co census, Harmony Twp, p 180, #1266/1266, Benjamin Turner,81 NC, farmer, Nancy,74 Va, Mary F. Jinker-
                         son,3 Mo.


1.    Mary Jane Goad, b ca 1793, m Alexander Glenn, b ca 1786-87 NC, d 1840's, s/o Alexander Glenn and Mary Allen.
                      Alexander m(2) Rebecca Balch, b ca 1798-99 NC, d 18 Jan 1878 Kern Co, Cal.  Alexander Glenn Sr's estate inventoried Oct
                      1818 White Co.  (none of the Glenn family websites list Mary Goad as the 1st wife of Alexander)
                      1812, 16 Oct: White Co: Alexander Glenn, def, indebted to state for $50 for the personal appearance of Aaron Goade
                                (see above).
                      1820 White Co, Tenn census, p 342, Alexander Glenn, 300110-00200.
                      1830 White Co census, p 4, Alexander Glenn Jr, 20011-10001.
                      1830 White Co census, p 4, Alexander Glenn Sr, 111210101-1200010011.
                      1840 Washington Co, Mo census, Harmony Twp, p 211, Alexander Glen, 11112001-1012001.
                      1850 Milam Co, Tex census, Milam and Williamson Dist, p 29, #626/643, Alexander Glenn,64 SC, blacksmith, $330, Re-
                               becca,52 NC, Louisa,25 Tenn, Margaret,23 Tenn, Alexander,20 Tenn, farming, Jason,18 Tenn, farming, Rebecca,14
                      1860 Tulare Co, Cal census, Twp 3, p 49, #107/98, Alexander Glenn,73 SC, blacksmith, Rebecca,62 NC, living with Joseph
                               Glenn's family.  (Alexander Glenn,30 Tenn, was listed next door) 
                               (Note: Isham Goad's grandson
Leland Nester (#B6), s/o Sarah Goad Nester, moved to Tulare Co ca 1866).
                      1870 Kern Co, Cal census, Twp 2, p 346, #2/2, Rebecca Glenn,71 NC, living with John Reed,58 Tenn.  (This was John C.
                               Reid, b ca 1812-14 Tenn, who was living with wife Mary,24 Tenn, in the 1850 Milam Co, Tex census.  Mary, b 26
                               Jun 1825, was the d/o Alexander and Rebecca.  Mary was age 35 Tenn, in 1860, and apparently died in the 1860's.)
                      The following may be Alexander Jr above (1830 White Co), and prob related to Alexander Sr (1830 White Co), but not his
                      son, since the latter had a son Alexander b ca 1830.
                      1840 Boone Co, Mo, p 88, Alex Gleen, 320001-001001.
                      1850 Linn Co, Mo census, p 23, #326/326, Alexander Glenn,48 Ky, farmer, $2000, Nancy,44 Ky, Wm,19 Mo, farmer,
                               Alexander,17 Mo, farmer, Hugh,15 Mo, farmer, Benjamin,12 Mo, Robert,10 Mo, Mary A.,8 Mo, Joseph,6 Mo,
                               Jonathan,4 Mo.
                      1860 Douglas Co, Kan census, Lecompton Twp, p 180, #1494/1354, A. Glenn,65 Ky, farmer, $2000, $800, Nancy,62 Ky,
                               Robert,21 Mo, farmer, Nancy A.,18 Mo, Flavius,16 Mo, Jonathan,14 Mo, Jsabel,9 Mo.

2.   William Goad, b ca 1798-99 Va, m(1) Elizabeth ____, m(2) Malinda (Lindy) Bunch.
                     (he was no longer a minor by 20 Jan 1817, but a minor 15 Oct 1816)

3.   Sarah Ann Goad, b 1801 Va, d 25 Mar 1888 Linn Co, Mo, m 25 Jan 1816 White Co to her 1st cousin Frederick Nester
                     (#B), b 10 Nov 1797 Montgomery Co, Va, d 20 Sep 1882 Linn Co, s/o Jacob Nester and Catherine Goad (d/o Abraham
                     Goad (#23)).

4.   Robert Goad, b ca 1803 Va, m Decia (Deacy) ____.
                     Moved to Washington and Crawford Co's, Mo.

5.   Booker Washington Goad(e), b ca 1804-07 Va, m Mary Brettina Sanders.
                     Moved to Washington and Newton Co's, Mo.

6.   Nancy Goad, (? b 1800-10).  She m Dick Jenkins acc to some accounts, but that was apparently Nancy Goad, b 4 Nov 1790,
Reuben Goad (#226).  Some sources claim she was Nancy Mary Goad, b 4 May 1815 Tenn, d 18 Feb 1860 Mo, who
                     m Thomas Penbiny Hanks, b 15 Mar 1817 Maury Co, Tenn, d 3 Oct 1899 Christopher Co, Mo, s/o Rev Elijah Newton
                     Hanks and Mary Polly Woolverton.  Thomas m(2) Sarah Brown, b 8 Feb 1831. 
However, Nancy who m Thomas Hanks
                     was prob related to one of the unidentified Maury Co Goad families and not the Nancy, d/o Isham Goad.
                     1840 Maury Co, Tenn census, 19th Civil Dist, p 365, Thomas Hanks, 10001-20001.
                     1850 McNairy Co, Tenn census, Thomas Hanks,33 Tenn, and wife Nancy,32 Tenn
                     Thomas and family, without Nancy, were living in Christian Co, Mo in 1860.

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