James Goad, c1758 - 1850s, s/o Abraham Goad
                                                                author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

231   James Goad,4                                                                                                  23  (Abraham,3,John,2,Abraham,1)

               b ca 1758 Montgomery Co, Va (prob 1760's); d 1750's.
               m 24 Jul 1786 Pittsylvania Co, Va to his 2nd cousin Mary Collier, b 1765-70, d 1840's, d/o
Aaron Collier (#1) and Elizabeth
                   Goad (d/o
Abraham Goad (#3) and Joanna ____).

               James Goad was on Capt Jonathan Isom's Montgomery Co, Va militia lists.
               1778 Montgomery Co, Va militia list: James Goad and James Goad Sr. (identity of 2nd James unknown)
               1781 Montgomery Co militia list: James Goad.
               1786, 29 Nov: Montgomery Co Order Bk 1, p 275: James Goad filed claim for killing one young wolf.
               1787 Montgomery Co militia list: James Goad.
               1788, 28 Aug: Montgomery Co tax list C: James Goad, no WM 16-21, no slaves, 2 horses.
               1789, 24 Aug: Montgomery Co tax list C: James Goad, no WM 16-21, no slaves, 3 horses, living on Greasy, Burks Fork, Reed
                         Island Creek.
               1790, 1790-1804 Montgomery Co tax lists: James Goad.
               1793 Land grant: James Goad obtained 170 acres on Greasy Creek.
               1800 Montgomery Co Land Bk: James Goad, 170 acres, val $42.50, tax $.21 1/2.
               1801-06 Montgomery Co Land Bks: James Goad, 170 acres, val $42.52, tax $.21, except val $42.50 in 1806.
               1802, 3 Sep: Montgomery Co plotts: 200 acres on Greasy Creek, a branch of Reed Island, a branch of New River, surveyed for
                         James Goad.
               1804 Land grant: James Goad obtained 200 acres on Greasy, Big Reed Island.
               1806, 28 Mar: Montgomery Co Deed Bk 17, p 350: James and Mary Goad deeded 60 acres on Greasy Creek to William Phillips.
                         Wit: Thomas and Frederick Quesenberry and William Hewett.
               1806, 30 Oct: Grayson Co Court Order Bk: James Goad made claim for one day and traveling 35 miles, $3.30.
               1809, 6 Mar: Montgomery Co Deed Bk D, p 600: James and Mary Goad deeded 70 acres (part of a 200 acre survey) on waters
                         of Greasy Creek, a branch of Reed Island, a branch of New River to William Phillips.
                        Wit: John Cook (?Cock) and "Caleris" Goad ("his" mark)                                      Signed  James Goad  Mary Goad
               1810 Montgomery Co census, p 22, James Goard, 01111-22010-00.
               1820 Montgomery Co census, p 773, James Goard, 000001-01201-01.
               1830 Montgomery Co census, p 68, James Goard, 101000001-0121001.
               1833, 22 Nov: Floyd Co, Va Deed Bk A, p 232: James Goad deeded 50 acres on Greasy Creek (adjoining land of William Phillips)
                         to Amos Quesenberry.
               1840 Floyd Co, Va census, p 182, James Goad, 0010000001-0100010001.
               1841, 15 Feb: Floyd Co Deed Bk E, p 64: James Goad of Floyd Co deeded 90 acres on Greasy Creek (being the balance of a tract
                         patented to James 11 Dec 1793 from which he had previously sold a parcel to William Phillips and another to Amos Que-
                         senberry) to John Goad.
               1850 Kanawha Co, Va (now WVa) census, Dist 29, p 115, #1653/1694, James Goad,92 Va, living with grandsons Aaron B. and
                        John Goad.


1.   Abraham (Abram) Goad, b ca 1789 Montgomery Co, m(1) Elsy (Ailcy) Hughett, m(2) Rachel Cock.

2.   Aaron (Aser) Goad, b ca 1790-92 Montgomery Co, m Eleanor (Nellie) Cock.

3.   Catherine (Kate,Katie) Goad, b ca 1779-92 Montgomery Co, d Apr 1865 Carroll Co, Va, m 12 Jan 1806 Montgomery Co
                     to her 3rd cousin
Richard (Dick) Phillips (#4214), b ca 1778-85 Va, d 1860's, s/o Tobias Phillips and Margaret (Peggy)

4.   Nancy Goad, b ca 1796 Va, "Sarah" Bond d 2 Jan 1878 Floyd Co, "age 70, d/o James Goad", m 15 Feb 1815 Patrick Co to
Isaac Bond (#4), b 27 Nov 1790 NC, d 21 Nov 1856, s/o Stephen and Maiden Bond.

5.   Agnes Goad, b ca 1800 Va, m 1816 Grayson Co to James Jennings (#24), b ca 1792 Va, s/o William Jennings (s/o Jona-
                     than and Diannah Bobbitt) and Elizabeth Ogle (d/o Thomas Ogle and Elizabeth ?Robinson).

6.   Frances Goad, b ca 1799-1812 Va.  Single.  Possibly mother of Naomi H. Goad (#A1) (see below) but no proof.  Frances
                     and Naomi may have been the females listed with James Goad in 1830 and 1840.
                     1850 Floyd Co census, #939, Francis Gord,45 Floyd Co, living with John and Sarah J. Bishop family.
                     1860 Floyd Co census, #876, Francis Goard,48, living with John and Sarah J. Bishop family.
                     1870 Floyd Co census, Indian Valley, #157, Francis Goad,71 Va, living with Sarah Bishop family.

7.   Clarissa Goad, b ca 1800-04 Montgomery Co, d 4 May 1879 Carroll Co, "age 75, of consumption", m 22 Feb 1827 Gray-
                     son Co to
Jonathan Jennings (#221), b 21 Oct 1801 Va, d 13 Oct 1885 (or 1886) Carroll Co, age 84, s/o Thomas Jennings
                     (s/o William Jennings and Elizabeth Ogle) and Sarah Clifton (d/o John Clifton and Penelope Ward, who m(2)
Andrew Cock).

8.   Usley Goad, b ca 1802-04 Montgomery Co, m 28 Aug (bond 26 Aug) 1832 Grayson Co to Amos Quesenberry, died by
                     1850, s/o Moses Quesenberry (s/o George and Martha Quesenberry) and Elizabeth ____.
                     1840 Floyd Co census, p 174, Amos Quesinbery, 00001-000001.
                     1850 Floyd Co census, #900, Usley Quesinberry,46 Floyd Co, $100, James Phillips,13.
                     1860 Floyd Co census, p 123, #879/826, Ursley Crusenberry,48, --, $60, domestic, living with Jas Philips.
                     1870 census, Usley not located.
James Phillips (#421412) was her great nephew, s/o Thomas Phillips and Sarah Quesenberry)

               Apparently related to James Goad, either a dau or grandau:

  A1     ? 
9.   Naomi H. Goad, m Andrew Jennings.
                      She is recorded as likely d/o
Abraham (Abram) Goad (#A), above, but no proof.

               Probably related to James Goad, prob a grandson:

  R     ? 
10.   Alexander H. (Alex) Goad, b ca 1812-13 Va, m(1) Emma Neal, m(2) Joannah Pierson.
                     Alexander moved to Nicholas Co, Va by 1850, and in 1860 was listed in Clay Co, Va (WVa), next to
Reuben Cox (#115),
                     who was a brother of
Abraham Goad's (#A) 2nd wife Rachel Cock.  Alexander named a son Ballard Preston Goad, a com-
                     mon name in the Floyd/Carroll Co families, and one of Alexander's grandsons was Alexander Hewitt Goad, possibly named
                     after the Hughett family of Floyd Co.  So Alexander H. Goad was prob either the oldest son of Abraham Goad, or a son of
                     one of Abraham's sisters.

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