Andrew J. (Andy) Goad, 1778 - 1871, s/o William Goad
author: Michael D. Nestor, email:

229    Andrew J. (Andy) Goad,4                                                                     22  (William,3,John,2,Abraham,1)

                 b 19 Oct 1778 Bedford Co, Va; d 1871.  He was s/o William and Tabitha acc to Winston Dalton's journal.
                 m(1) Mary Hollins.
                 m(2) 26 Jul 1815 Pittsylvania Co, Va to Mary (Polly) Jacobs, b 16 Oct 1791 Va.

                 1820 Pittsylvania Co census, p 70, Andy Goard, 110010-20010.
                 1830 Bedford Co census, p 186, Andrew Gord, 0100101-312001.
                 1840 Bedford Co census, Southern Dist, p 263, Andrew Goad, 010010001-0013201.
                 1850 Bedford Co census, Southern Div, p 237, #385/385, Andrew Goad,70 Va, farmer, Mary,60 Va, Nancy,35 Va, Fanny L.,30
                          Va, Mary An,25 Va, Martha I.,22 Va, Gilla E.,20 Va, Andrew S.,15 Va, farmer
                 1860 Pittsylvania Co census, North Dist, p 163, #39/39, Andrew Goad,75 Va, blind, -- $100, Polley,70 Va, Mary A.,35 Va,
                          Andrew S.,25 Va, shoemaker, --, $400.
                 1870 Pittsylvania Co census, Subdivision N of Dan River Dist, p 275, #3692/3710, Andey Goad,80 Va, farmer, Marge (?Mary),
                          78 Va, Nancy,50 Va.
                 1880 Bedford Co census, East Staunton Dist, p 342C, #260/260, Mary Goad,91 Va (wid/div), Nancie,62 Va (sister).  Although
                          this is a separate listing, it may be part of the previous listing, #259/259, Ella Jacobs,45 Va, Frances Jacobs,30 Va (niece).
                          (Ella and Francis aren't located in 1870.)


1.   Benjamin Hollins Jacobs (?Goad), b 16 Apr 1809 Va, m 24 Jan 1832 Pittsylvania Co to Mary Crane, b ca 1810 Va.
                       Apparently went by last name Jacobs, and hence poss s/o Andrew's wife Mary Jacobs, but poss not Andrew's son:
                       1840 census, Benjamin not identified, although there were at least 3 Ben Jacobs in the Ky census, but the ages don't fit..
                       1850 Crittenden Co, Ky census, Dist 2, p 267, #290/290, Ben H. Jacob,41 Va, f, $200, Mary,40 Va, William A.,17 Va, J.A.,
                                16 Va, Mary J.,14 Ky, H.T.,11 Ky, Ben,8 Ky, M.J.,6 Ky, G.P.,2 Ky.
                       1860 census, family not located.

2.   Nancy Goad, b 21 Mar 1816 Va.
                       1860 census, Nancy not located.
                       1870 census, Nancy,50 Va, living with her parents.
                       1880 census, Nancie,62 Va (sister), living with Mary Goad.

3.   William F. Goad, b 29 Jan 1818 Va, m(1) Nancy C. Stone, m(2) Mary Frances Hogan.

4.   Fanny Lowery Goad, b 8 Jan 1820 Va.
                       1860 Campbell Co, Va census, Western Dist, p 471, #281/302, Fanny Gourd,40 Va, living with James E. and Jane Hogan.
                       1870 Bedford Co census, Staunton Dist, p 368, #478/472, Fanny Goard,50 Va, living with James and Jane Hogan.

5.   Anna Goad, b 17 Dec 1821, m 30 Jan (bond 29 Jan) 1844 Pittsylvania Co (also rec in Campbell Co) to Oliver Hammock.
                       (d/o Andrew per marr rec, Wm H. Jacobs surety)

6.   Mary Melvina Goad, b 16 Jan 1823 Va.

7.   Martha Jane Goad, b ca 1828-30 Va, m 2 Oct 1854 Bedford Co to James E. Hogan.

8.   Celia E. Goad, b ca 1830 Va.

9.   Andrew S. Goad, b ca 1835 Va.
                       1870 and 1880 census, Andrew not located.

Bluford/Buford Goad, b ca 1810, m Sophia Turley.
                  His  relationship to the rest of the Goad family is not proven, but he may have been the son of
Abraham Goad (#2223) who
                  had an unidentified son listed in the 1820 census.  Bluford's son William
Riley Goad may have been named after Abraham's son
                  William R. Goad.

                  Ref:  1.  "
The Goads A Frontier Family", 1984 and 1995, Kenneth F. Haas.
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                           3.   Winston Dalton's journal listed children Nancy, b 1816, William, b 1818, Fanny Lowry, b 1820, Anna, b 1821, Mary
                                 Melvina, b 1823.
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