Joshua Goad, c1777 - 1853, prob s/o William Goad
author: Michael D. Nestor, email:

228   Joshua Goad,4                                                                                              ?  22  (William,3,John,2,Abraham,1)

               b ca 1777 Va; d 21 Jul 1853 Smith Co, Tenn.
               m(1) 9 Dec 1799 Bedford Co, Va to Sarah (Sally) Towler, b 1770's.  Stephen Towler surety for marr.
               m(2) Martha Witcher, b ca 1801 NC, d/o Daniel Witcher and listed in his will, which was rec in Smith Co, Tenn Will Bk 1814-16,
                        p 7.

               1820 Smith Co census, p 60, Joshua Goard, 111210-21101.
               1830 Smith Co census, p 50, Joshua Goad, 00101001-00110001.
               1840 Smith Co census, p 224, Johua Gad, 000000001-000001.
               1850 Smith Co census, North of Cumberland + East of C.F. River, p 217, #106/106, Joshua Goad,73 Va, farmer, $1500, Martha,
                        49 NC, John,34 Tenn, farmer.
               1856-57 Smith Co Chauncery Court loose papers: Bill of Complaint by Henry Goad, exec of Joshua Goad's will against Parum
                        B. Hawkins of Henry Co, Tenn, his wife Nancy, and their children Joshua, Harrison, and Penelope, against: John Goad,
                        Stephen Goad, Martha Kirby and her husband Joseph Kirby of Smith Co, and Wyatt Goad of Macon Co, and the children
                        of Betsy Kirby: Martha Ann wife of Charles Pruit of Macon Co, Jincy Frances Massey wife of Eli Massey of Smith Co,
                        Joshua C. Kirby, Leonidas H. Kirby, Serelia R. Smith wife of Joseph A. Smith, and minors Swepson M., Sally, and Laura
                        V., and the children of Anna Kirby: Anthony H. Kirbay, Sally Kirabay, Eliza Cook and her husband James Cook, minors
                        Frances Kirabay, Leonidas and David Kirby of Smith Co, and Shepherd Kirby of Macon Co.
               1860 census, Martha not located.


1.   Henry Goad, b ca 1801 Va, m Martha (Patsy) ____.
                     Moved to Monroe Co, Ky.

2.   Anna Goad, d prior 1850, m Joseph Kirby, b ca 1797 Va.  Joseph m(2) Anna's sister Martha.
a.   Anthony H. Kirby.
b.   Sarah (Sally) Kirby.
c.   Eliza Kirby, m James Cook.
d.   Frances Kirby.
e.   Leonidas Kirby.
f.    David Kirby.
g.   Shepherd Kirby.

3.   Wyatt Goad, b ca 1804 Va, m Susanna W. Kirby.
                     Moved to Macon Co, Tenn.

4.   Elizabeth (Betsy) Goad, b ca 1807, d 1846, m Shepherd Wright Kirby, b ca 1805, d 1 Mar 1885 Clay Co, Tenn, s/o John
                     Kirby and Nancy Anne Brown.
                     1850 census, family not located.
a.   Martha Ann Kirby, m Charles Pruit. 
b.   Jincy Frances Kirby, m Eli Massey. 
c.   Joseph C. Kirby.
d.   Leonidas H. Kirby.
e.   Serelia R. Kirby, m Joseph A. Smith.
f.   Swepson M. Kirby.
g.   Sally Kirby.
h.   Laura V. Kirby.

5.   Stephen Goad, b ca 1808-10 Tenn, m Susan Pankey.

6.   Martha Goad, b ca 1813 Tenn, m Joseph Kirby, b ca 1797 Va.  Joseph had m(1) Martha's sister Anna.
                     1850 Smith Co census, North of Cumblnd + East of C.F. Rivers, p 263, #707/707, Joseph Kirby,53 Va, farmer, Martha,37
                              Tenn, Anthony,21 Tenn, farmer, William,20 Tenn, farmer, Sarah,19 Tenn, Eliza,14 Tenn, Francis,12 Tenn, Leonidas,11
                              Tenn, David,9 Tenn, Juba A.,4 Tenn, Louisa,2 Tenn.
a.   Juba A. Kirby.
b.   Louisa Kirby.

7.   John A. Goad, b ca 1815-16 Tenn, m 1852 to Susan E. Graham, d 1854 Ark.  John went to Ark and returned to Smith Co,
                     Tenn by 1860.  He may have marr Mary J. ____, b ca 1830 Tenn, and moved to Monroe Co, Ky by 1880, see below.  More
                     likely he was the unknown Goad male who m 1870's prob Smith Co to
Mary R.(?B.) (Polly) Smith (#Z6), b Mar 1834
                     Tenn, d/o David Smith.
                     1850 Smith Co census, John,34 Tenn, living with father.
                     1860 Smith Co census, Dist 11, Dixons Springs, p 355, #831/831, John Goard,45 Tenn, laborer, --, $50, living with Jacob
                     1870 Macon Co, Tenn census, Dist 7, p 63, #114/114, John Goad,54 Tenn, mill hand, --, $1000, living with (?Tascal) Mclena.
                     Or poss same as following, who was listed 5 doors from Henry Goad, above, however also could possibly be the
John Goad
                     (#3114), b ca 1815 Tenn, s/o William Goad.  That John was in Monroe Co in 1850, but not located in 1860 or 70.
                     1880 Monroe Co, Ky census, Gum Dist, p 250B, #14/14, John Goad,69 Tenn, farmer, Mary J.,50 Tenn.
8.   Polly Goad, b 1819 Tenn, d 1878, m Jacob B. Kirby, b 14 Jan 1817 Tenn, d 21 Apr 1897.
                     (this couple not mentioned in above Chauncery court papers)
                     1850 Smith Co census, North of Cumberland + East of Candy Fork Rivers, p 270, #813/813, Jacob B. Kirby,33 Tenn, car-
                              penter,30 Tenn, Henry C.,7 Tenn, Napoleon B.,5 Tenn, Jacob B.,2 Tenn, Ann E.,14 days Tenn.
                     1860 Smith Co census, Dist 6, p 321, #607/607, Joseph Kirby,44 Tenn, carpenter, --, $100, Polley,40 Tenn, Jacob,12 Tenn,
                              John,3 Tenn, Martha,1 Tenn.

9.   Nancy Goad, b ca 1819 Tenn, m Parum B. Hawkins, b ca 1811 Va.
                     1850 Montgomery Co, Tenn census, p 145, #171/171, P.B. Hawkins,39 Va, wagon maker, Nancy,31 Tenn, Ann Eliza,13
                              Tenn, William H.,9 Tenn, Joshua,7 Tenn, Penelope,4 Tenn, Isabella,4/12 Tenn.

               Ref:  1.  "
The Goads A Frontier Family", Kenneth F. Haas, p 67-70.
                        2.   Wanda June Goad Worland's notes, Mike Goad's
                              She quotes a descendant of Joshua, Calvin E. Chunn, PhD of Fair Oaks, Cal: "Joshua Goad of Smith Co, Tenn was the
                              son of Joshua Goad soldier in the 6th Continental Line of Va in Revolution...both of these Joshua Goad's were born in
                              Montg. Co, Va".  (no proof Mr Chunn was correct, no documentation given, and most current sources list him as a prob
                              son of William Goad)
                        3.   Meledie Gregory's notes at
                        4.   Chauncery court papers above entered on by Evea Bachnak, email: