William H. Goad and Joseph Goad, poss sons of William Goad
author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

22211   William H. Goad,6                                          ?   2221   (William,5,?William,4,?William,3,John,2,Abraham,1)

                    His name and existence solely from family tradition that he is the ancestor of some of the Lawrence Co, Tenn Goads, and it is
                    speculation that his wife was Nelly, below (or else Nelly was the widow of
Thomas Goad (#241), see below)

                    b ca 1800; d ca 1835.  (dates are approximate guesses)
                    m Nelly ____, b ca 1800.           

                 ? 1820 Overton Co, Tenn census, p 269, William Goard, 000100-00100.
                             (no evidence this is same person; another
William Goad )#312) was also in Overton Co in 1820)
                    1830 census, family not located.
                    1840 Lawrence Co, Tenn census, p 139, Nelly Gourd, 0101-0220001.
                    1850 census, Nelly not located.
It is possible that all of the speculation about the existence of William H. and Joseph Goad is for naught, and the Goads on this
                    this page assigned to them are actually children or grandchildren of
Thomas Goad (#241) of Maury Co, who is probably the
                    following listed in adjacent Giles Co, Tenn, with a younger wife who may be the above Nelly.

                    1830 Giles Co, Tenn census, p 170, Thos Goard, 030000001-310001.
Thomas Goad (#241) of Maury Co)

                    issue of "William H. Goad": (see below)

22212   Joseph Goad,6                                                                                                      ?   2221   (William,5,etc, see above)

                    His name and existence solely from family tradition that he is the ancestor of some of the Lawrence Co, Tenn Goads.

                    b ca 1805. (an approximate guess).
                    m Mary (Polly) Lacey, d 1897.

                    Joseph and Mary are not located in any census.

                    issue of "Joseph Goad": (see below)

                    No evidence that any of the individuals below are related to William H. or Joseph Goad., and no evidence even that William H.
                    or Joseph existed.  However, some Goad family must have been in Lawrence Co early to parent these children.
                    These Lawrence Co Goads are divided into two groups, who appear to be two groups of siblings and the offspring of these
                    two elusive Goads.  This page is created as a place to record the "Lawence Co, Tenn Goads", which probably include some in
                    Maury Co, who don't appear to be closely related to the other Maury Co Goads, especially some who are recorded as born in
John C. Goad (#24123), b ca 1822 Va, presumed to be a probable s/o Reuben Goad, could conceivably be part of
                    this group instead.  Richard Jackson Goad's place of birth of Virginia is also inconsistent with these other Goads.  A few of the
                    females may not be Goads, but only presumed so.

                    issue: (possibly of "William H. Goad", above)

1.   Sarah Jane Goad, b ca 1823, m 1846 Lawrence Co to James Weaver.
                          1850 census, family not located.
                      ?  1860 Maury Co census, Dist 12, p 418, #1958/1834, James Weaver,54 NC, blacksmith, --, $215, E.,41 NC, O.,24 Tenn
                                   Wm,20 Tenn, M.,18 Tenn, E.,16 Tenn, I.,7 Tenn, M.J. Beshears,7 Tenn, I.F.,5 Tenn.
                          One site on John Green's family said
Sarah Goad, b ca 1819, was the sister of Lucetta Goad and that Sarah m 1840 Law-
                          rence Co to John Belew.  John Belew not located and this may be an erroneous reference to William Ballew and wife Sarah
                          A. with whom Lucetta Goad (see below) was living in 1850.
                          1850 Lawrence Co census, Dist 2, p 319, #416/416, William A. Ballew,31 SC, farmer, Sarah A.,24 Tenn, Jonathan,9 Tenn,
                                   Susanna,6 Tenn, Elizabeth,4 Tenn, Hosea,8/12 Tenn, Lucetta Gourd,22 Tenn.

2.   Joel Goad, b 1825 Tenn, m(1) Eliza A. (Louisa) Bynum, m(2) Lucy C. Haywood.
                          Lived in Maury Co, Tenn.  (he is also listed as poss ggs/o Robert Goad Sr, on the page for
Thomas Goad (#241))

3.   Susan M. Goad, b ca 1826 Va, m Robert C. S. McClure, b ca 1812 NC.
                          1850 Maury Co census, Dist 20, p 196, #610/610, R.C.S. McClure,38 NC, blacksmith, Susan M.,24 Va, John A.,6 Tenn,
                                   Martha F.,4 Tenn, Eliza T.,1 Tenn, Mary E. Gourd,14 Tenn.

4.   Lucetta (Lucetty) Goad, b ca 1828-30 Tenn, d 1879, m 14 Feb 1853 Lawrence Co to John Green, b 1813 Jackson Co, Ga,
                          d 1869, s/o John Green and Anne Gideon.  John Jr had m(1) 16 Jan 1830 to Winnie Dial.
                          1850 Lawrence Co census, Dist 2, p 319, #416/416, Lucetta Gourd,22 Tenn, living with Wm and Sarah A. Ballew.
                          1860 Lauderdale Co, Tenn census, 2nd Dist, p 404, #625/480, John Green,47 Ga, farmer, --, $100, Lucetta,30 Tenn, Rob-
                                   ert,22 Tenn, farm laborer, Patrick T.,20 Tenn, farm laborer, Martha J.,16 Tenn, Wm T.,11 Tenn, Winfield S.,6 Tenn,
                                   Henry R.,5 Tenn, Winnie E.,2 Tenn, Infant of J.,8/12 Tenn.
                          1870 Lawrence Co, Tenn census, Dist 9, p 42, #388/398, Lucetty Green,40 Tenn, --, $250, William,20 Tenn, farm laborer,
                                   W.S.,17 Tenn, farm laborer, Henry R.,15 Tenn, Winnie E.,12 Tenn, Alexander,10 Tenn, Luther F.,8 Tenn, Maigeset,
                                   5 Tenn, May E.,1 Tenn.

5.   William H. Goad, b Oct 1834 Tenn, m Sarah Jane Brashears Wilbourn.
                          1850 census, William not located.

6.   Mary E. Goad, b ca 1836 Tenn.
                          1850 census, Mary E. Gourd,14 Tenn, living with her supposed sister Susan's family.
                                   Living next door was:
                          1850 Maury Co census, Dist 20, p 196, #609/609, Robert Gourd,24 Tenn, carpenter, living with John F. and Mary M.
                                   Osborne (next door to Mary E. Gourd, above)  (this is
Robert M. Goad (#2464), s/o Richard Goad)
                          1860 census, Mary not located.

                    issue: (possibly of "Joseph Goad", above)

1.   Richard Jackson (Jack) Goad, b ca 1820-21 Va, m(1) Mary E. Beckham, m(2) Adaline Elizabeth Crumpler York.
                          Poss from Lawrence Co, Tenn, but no proof.  Also listed on page for
Reuben Goad (#2412), but if Richard was b in Va,
                          he would not be Reuben's son.
                          Lived in Marion, Carroll, and Boone Co's, Ark.

2.   Mary E. Goad, b ca 1822 Tenn, d 1890/91, bur Hughes Cem, Timmons, Tenn.

3.   Elizabeth Goad, b ca 1824 (?Va), apparently d 1850's, m James H. Gregory, b ca 1819 Va.
                          Don't know if there is any evidence Elizabeth was a Goad, or if it was presumed since Martha was in the household:
                          1850 Maury Co census, Dist 21, p 201, #688/688, James H. Gregory,31 Va, farmer, $3250, Elizabeth,26 Va, Solomon,21
                                   Tenn, farmer,  Martha Gourd,22 Tenn.
                          1860 Maury Co census, Dist 20, p 482, #616/606, J.H. Gregory,41 Va, farmer, $22,500, $30,000, S.E.,19 Tenn, M.L.,2
                                   Tenn, M.J. Flowers,8 Tenn, Lowell Peyton,27 Tenn, overseer, --, $5000.

4.   Emeline Goad, b ca 1826 NC.  Had son Joshua.

5.   Martha Goad, b ca 1827-28 Tenn, d 1897.  She was the 2nd wife of George W. Lucas, b ca 1822-23 Tenn, d Aug 1873,
                          supposedlly s/o George Lucas and Polly Lacey.
                          Some sources claim she was definitely a d/o Joseph Goad and Mary (Polly) Lacey.  One source claims that a chancery
                          court record in Maury Co states that Joel Goad testified for his sister Martha Goad Lucas.
                          (She is also listed as poss ggd/o Robert Goad Sr, on the page for
Thomas Goad (#241))
                          1850 Maury Co census, Dist 21, p 201, #688/688, Martha Gourd,22 Tenn, living with James H. and Elizabeth Gregory.
                          1860 Lawrence Co, Tenn census, Dist 10, p 46 #559/558, Geo W. Lucas,37 Tenn, farmer, $400, $1350, Martha,32 Tenn,
                                   Joshua A.,8 Tenn, And J.,5 Tenn, Columbus L.,3 Tenn, Robt G.E.,2 Tenn, Martha E.,6/12 Tenn.
                          1870 Maury Co census, Dist 20, p 588, #156/156, G.W. Lucas,48 Tenn, farmer, $2000, $6000, M.,43 Tenn, J.A.,18 Tenn,
                                   works on farm, A.J.,15 Tenn, C.L.,13 Tenn, R.G.,12 Tenn, M.E.,10 Tenn, G.A.,8 Tenn, J.D.,7 Tenn, M.S.,5 Tenn,
                                   F.E.,6 Tenn, C.F.,2 Tenn, Bo,1 Tenn.

6.   Joshua Goad, b ca 1828-32 Tenn, m Emily A. Grant.
                          One source claimed Joshua, as well as a James and John Goad, were all sons of Joseph Goad.
                          Lived in Maury Co.

7.   Robert M. Goad, b ca 1826-27, m Sarah Elvira (Sallie) Godwin.
                          He has been mistakenly identified by many (including myself) to be
Robert Goad (#2464), s/o Richard Goad of Bedford
                          Co, Va, but the evidence seems clearly contrary to this linkage, and is discussed on their pages.

8.   Newton Goad, b Aug 1835 Tenn, m(1) Hester A. Estes, m(2) Minerva B. (Minnie) McMinness.
                          1850 Maury Co census, Dist 20, p 197, #621/621, Newton Gourd,18 Tenn, farmer, living with James T. and Patience
                          Moved to Davidson Co, Tenn after 1880.

                    Noted: Listed in county adjacent to Maury and Lawrence Co's: (in addition to Thos Goard in 1830, above)
                    1840 Giles Co, Tenn census, p 106, James Goad, 00001-20001.
                    1820 Giles Co census, p 9, Joseph Goode, 00010-10010-04.
                    1830 Giles Co census, p 210, Joseph Goode Esq, 0000001-0010001.
                    1840 Giles Co census, p 101, Joseh Goode, 00000001-00000001.
                    1850 Giles Co census, Dist 9, p 457, #723/723, Joseph Goode,67 Va, farmer, $6000, Mary,61 Va, Martha Simpson,23 Va.

                    Ref:  1.   Kenneth F. Haas' notes.
                             2.   Elizabeth (Lucas) Ruth's 1999 posting (#242) at
www.genforum.com, email: earuth@aol.com
                                   She is the source for the Joseph Goad and Mary (Polly) Lacey connection.