William Goad, 1754 - 1843, s/o John Goad
author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

213   William Goad,4                                                                                                       21  (John,3,John,2,Abraham,1)

               b 6 Feb 1754 Bedford Co, Va; d 9 Jan 1843 Sullivan Co, Tenn (or Hawkins Co).
               m(1) Betsy Morrison, d/o Patrick Morrison.
               m(2) 14 Nov 1820 Sullivan Co, Tenn to Mary Hall, b ca 1799.

               William was a soldier in the Battle of Kings Mountain.  He moved with his father from Bedford Co, Va to Pittsylvania Co, Va.
               He preceeded his family to Sullivan Co, Tenn (the Watauga settlement) and remained there after his father died and his brothers
               moved west.  He may be the William Goad who left records in Christian Co, Ky ca 1805-09.

               1773 Pittsylvania Co, Va tax list, John Goad and his son William Goad.
               1774 Pittsylvania Co tax list, John Goad and sons William and Thomas.
               1779, Feb: William Goad enlisted in Capt William Witcher's Co in Pittsylvania Co, serving in Rev War in NC and SC.  He served
                         under Col John Sevier, and later fought at the Battle of Kings Mountain.  Served until late 1781.
               1783, 13 Oct: (?Washington Co, Tenn) Deed Bk 10, p 98: William Goad, from NC, granted 639 acres in Washington Co, Tenn,
                         from State of  NC.
               1785 William Goad signed petition for the new State of Franklin in Sevier bailiwick.
               1787 William Goad signed petiton for new county in western NC (now East Tenn).
               1788, 10 Jul: Sullivan Co Deed Bk 1, p 344 (rec 4 Nov 1789): State of NC to William Goad, 200 acres on Horse Creek at 50 shil-
                         lings per acre.
               1788, 10 Jul: Sullivan Co Deed Bk 1, p 367: William Goad granted 100 acres on Lick Branch, and 200 acres on Horse Creek, from
                         State of NC.
               1792, 10 Dec: Sullivan Co Deed Bk 3, p 90: William Goad deeded 100 acres on Beech Creek from Forester Mercer.
               1794, 6 Dec: Sullivan Co Deed Bk 2, p 763 (rec 11 May 1795): William Goad conveyed 79 acres to Gabriel Goad "as a good and
                         gracious gift".  Wit: Lewis Goad.  Signed by William and Margaret Goad.
               1796, Oct term: Sumner Co (? or Smith Co), Tenn Deed Bk H, p 432: This indenture made this first day of Jan 1796 between
                         Abraham Rogers of the County of Sullivan and Territory south of the Ohio R of the one part and William Goad of the
                         said county and Territory of the other part witnesseth that the said A. Rogers for the sum of 100 pounds good and lawful
                         money of Va conveyed a certain tract of land in the Co of Sumner on both sides of the Caney Fork - 640 acres.  Witnesses:
                         Peter Goad, Obediah Fields, Geo M. McCormick.
               1796 Sullivan Co tax list, Wm Goad, 150 acres, 2 white polls, 1 black poll.
               1797 Sullivan Co tax list.
               1797, 6 Jul: Sullivan Co Deed Bk 2, p 222: William Goad granted 300 acres on Walker's Fork, from State of  NC.
               1802, Sullivan Co Deed Bk 6, p 342: William Goad deeded 100 acres on Bear Creek to Patrick Smiley.
               1804, 17 May: Sullivan Co Deed Bk 4, p 584: William Goad of Hawkins Co conveyed 200 acres on Walkers Fork of Horse
                         Creek (part of a tract granted by State of NC, grant #730) for 100 lbs to John Crawford.
           ?  1805-10: Christian Co, Ky Survey Bk 3 (undated): 230 acres for William Goad on Pond River.  Chainmen: Peter and Lewis
               1808 State of NC land grant for relief of officers and soldiers of the continental line, RW service, Bk A, p 263, registers office,
                        Carthage, Smith Co, Tenn: 440 acres lying in Smith Co, Tenn, also 600 acres lying in Sumner Co, Tenn, granted to William
           ?  1809, 29 Jul: Christian Co, Ky tax list: Wm Goad, 170 acres on McFarlin's Fork.
               1812 Sullivan Co tax  list, Capt Everitt's Co: William Good, 100 acres.
               1819, 29 Jul: Sullivan Co Deed Bk 8, p 185: Samuel Hale deeded 200 acres on Horse Creek to William Goad.
               1820's Smith Co, Tenn Deed Bk H, p 433: Abraham Rogers to William Goard 640 acres on Cane Fork River (p 432: A. Rogers
                          from NC, 640 acres)  (see above entry for 1796 ?Sumner Co)
               1820, 20 Jul: Smith Co Deed Bk H, p 350 (rec Aug 1823): William Goard of Hawkins Co conveyed 640 acres on both sides of
                         Caney Fork R and Cumberland River, being tract granted by NC to Abraham Rogers, assignee of John Due.
                         Signed William Goad (seal)
               1825 Hawkins Co, Tenn: land grant for Wm Goad.
               1830 Sullivan Co census, p 297, Wm Goard, 1100000001-0000000001.
               1832 list of Tenn pensioners, Sullivan Co, William Goad, age 80, Va line.
               1833, 20 Aug: Sullivan Co: William Goad of Sullivan Co, age 79, applied for bounty land for Rev War servce, and testified to his
                         service:  He was drafted into service in Pittsylvania Co in 1779 for 6 mos under Capt William Witcher.  In the campaigns
                         in NC and SC, he was taken sick.  After moving to the western part of NC (now Tenn), was drafted again for 3 mos under
                         Capt Clark, who was under Genl John Sevier, and fought in the Battle of Kings Mountain Oct 1780.  He was again drafted
                         for 3 mos in Sep 1781 under Genl Sevier in a campaign against the Cherokees.
               1836, Jan term, Smith Co Min Bk 16: William Goad sued David Taylor for debt.
               1838 Smith Co court, Jan term: William Goad vs David Taylor, suing for debt.
               1840 Sullivan Co census, p 144, William Goad, 00200000001-000001.  (listed next door was Lewis Dalton, age 50-60)
               1842, 28 Oct: Sullivan Co Deed Bk 13, p 294 (rec 23 Jan 1843): William Goad Sr conveyed 96 acres on Horse Creek to Peter
                         Goad for $1.
               1844, 28 Mar: Sullivan Co Deed Bk 13, p 506 (rec 29 Apr 1844): Polly Goad, widow of Wm, conveyed interest in Wm's estate
                         to William Goad Jr for $1.
               1844, 28 Mar: Sullivan Co Deed Bk 13, p 507 (rec 29 Apr 1844): Polly Goad, widow of Wm, rel claim to land (Dower in Wm's
                         est) to Peter Goad for $1.
               1850 census, Mary not located.
               1853, 18 Mar: Mary Goad, age 54, of Washington Co, Tenn, applied and was granted pension on Wm's service.
               1855 Washington Co: Peter Goad of Washington Co, relationship not stated, filed affidavit, testifying to William's death date of
                        9 Jan 1843.


1.   William Goad, b ca 1819-23 Tenn, m(1) Sarah ____, m(2) Jane ____, m(3) Jane M. ____.

2.   Peter Goad, b ca 1822-25 Tenn, m Marinda Roberts.

               possible other sons (who are currently listed as William's brother):

  216   ? 
3.   Gabriel Goad, b ca 1772 Va, m(1) ____, m(2) Sarah (Sally) Williams.
                     Moved to Lincoln/Casey Co, Ky, and later to Perry/Crawford Co, Ind.

  217   ? 
4.   Lewis Goad, b 1770's, m Suzy ____.
                     Moved to Christian and Graves Co's, Ky.

               Ref:  "
The Goads A Frontier Family", 1984 and 1995, Kenneth F. Haas.