Charles Goad, c1748-50 -   , poss s/o John Goad
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212   Charles Goad,4                                                                                                   ?  21  (John,3,John,2,Abraham,1)

               b ca 1748-50; d before 1806.  No proof of Charles' parentage.
               m Rachel ____.  (some sources give her last name as Young, and some Dalton, but no proof of either)

               1767 Pittsylvania Co, Va tax list: Charles Goad, 1 tithe, in same household as William Bennett.
               1770 Pittsylvania Co tax list: Charles Goad, 1 tithe.
               1773-75 Pittsylvania Co tax lists: Charles Goad, 1 tithe.
               1777 Charles Goad took oath of allegiance, member of Capt William Witcher's Co in Pittsylvania Co.
               1780 Charles Goad acquired land from Peter Bennett.
               1780, 27 Mar: Pittsylvania Survey Records, 1746-82: Charles Goad surveyed 271 acres on branches of Frying Pan Creek, from
                         Field Robinson's line to Peter Bennet's line.
               1781, Aug: Charles Goad assessed 5 Lbs for funishing clothes and beef for the army.
               1782 Pittsylvania Co land tax list: Charles Goad, 200 acres.
               1782-84 Pittsylvania Co tax lists: Charles Goad, 1 tithe.
               1785 Pittsylvania Co tax list: Charles Goad 1 tithe, 7 white souls.
               1786 Pittsylvania Co tax list: Charles Goad, 1 tithe.
               1787 Pittsylvania Co tax list: Charles Goad, 0 tithe.
               1788-91 Pittsylvania Co tax list: Charles Goad, 1 tithe.
               1791, 15 Apr: Pittsylvania Co Deed Book 9, p 313 (rec Dec 1792): Charles Goad sold 140 acres on Frying Pan Creek to James
                         Dalton Jr for 50 Lbs.  Witnesses Jos Robinson and Joseph and Sally Towler.
               1792 Pittsylvania Co tax list: Charles Goad, tithes not listed.
               1793 Pittsylvania Co tax list: Charles Goad, 1 tithe.
               1795-1804 Pittsylvania Co tax lists: Charles Goad, 1 tithe.
               1795, 9 Jul: Pittsylvania Co: Charles Goad witnessed a deed for James Dalton.           

               issue: (parentage given in marr records, except for John Henry Goad)

1.   Jean Goad, m 7 Feb 1789 Pittsylvania Co to Joseph Barber.  Joseph m(2) Jean's sister Nancy Goad.

2.   Mary Goad, b 1770's, m 19 Jan 1795 Pittsylvania Co to Isham Dalton, b 1770's.  Isham is speculated by some to be a s/o
                     Samuel Dalton (s/o
Timothy Dalton) and Milly Slayton, but no proof.  Marr bond: consent of Charles and Rachel Goad,
                     witnesses to consent: Benjamin Dalton and John Wright, surety Samuel Dalton, minister Rev Joseph Drury.
                     Moved to Highland Co, Ohio and later to Knox Co, Ill.
                 ?  1820 Madison Co, Ky census, p 127, Isham Dolton, 30010-12300.
                     1830 Highland Co, Ohio census, Paint Twp, p 92, Isham Dolton, 00210001-00100001.
                     1840 Knox Co, Ill census, p 79, Isham Dalton, 000020001-000000001.
                     1850 census, Isham not located. (although there was a Henry Dalton,51 Va listed in Knox Co, along with apparent sons
                              Isham, Martin, and Lewis living nearby)
                     prob son: (listed next to Isham in 1830 and 1840)
a.   Knelly Dalton, b ca 1795, d prior 1850, m 1820 Highland Co, Ohio to Alexander Taylor, b ca 1780, d 1847 (or 1856).
b.   Wyatt Dalton, b ca 1797, m Sarah Rees.  Moved from Highland Co, Ohio to Hamilton Co, Ind by 1810.
                           Poss the Wyatt Dalton,49 Va, living in Calloway Co, Ky in 1850, with wife Susanna,36, etc.
c.   Henry Dalton, b 1799 Pittsylvania Co, Va, d 1862 Farmington, Peoria Co, Ill, m Elizabeth Smith Watkins, b 1790 Va, d
                           1850 Knox Co, Ill census.
d.   Celia Dalton, b 1801 Va, d ca 1853, m 11 Oct 1821 Highland Co, Ohio to Frederick R. Thurman, b 1798 Campbell Co,
                           Va, d 1869 Fulton, Ill, s/o John Thurman and Nancy Robins.  Frederick m(2) Sarah Shick.
                           1850 Knox Co, Ill census.
e.   Sarah Dalton, b 1805 Va, d 5 Jan 1873, m 30 Sep 1829 to George Reed, b ca 1807 Va, d after 1860.
                           1850 Peoria Co, Ill census.
f.    Reuben Dalton, b 1808 Pittsylvania Co, d 1886, m(1) Alpha Reed, b ca 1808, d before 1834.  He m(2) 1 Dec 1836 Knox
                           Co, Ill to Nancy Hays (Maize,Maise), b 1816, d 1891.  Nancy had m(1) John Brown Bevans.
                           1830 Highland Co, Ohio census, p 92, Reuben Dolton, 00001-10001.
                           1840 Knox Co, Ill census, p 79, Reuben Dalton, 100001-10001.
                           1850 census, Reuben not located.
g.   David Dalton, b 28 Jan 1810 Ohio, d 1886, m 31 Dec 1831 Knox Co, Ill to Lucy Dalton, b 25 Dec 1814 Pittsylvania
                           Co, Va, d 4 Dec 1899 (or 1889) Knox Co, Ill, d/o Samuel Dalton and Saluda (Saludy,Luday) Mustain.  Acc to some
                           websites, David was a s/o Isham Nathan Dalton (s/o Capt R.S. David Dalton) and Elizabeth Thompson Walton.
                           1850 Knox Co, Ill census.
h.   John Gourd Dalton, b 1820, d after 1880, m Emeline (Emily) Reed, a widow, b 1830 Ohio, d 1899 (or 1909).
                           1850 Jo Daviess Co, Ill census, John Dalton,30 Va, Emily,20 Ohio, living with Drury Dalton,25 Va, Mahala,24 Ohio, etc,
                                    including William Reed,71 NC, Nancy,63 Va.  (Drury was s/o Samuel Dalton and Saludy Mustain)

3.   Nancy Goad, b 1778 Va, m 19 Jan 1795 Pittsylvania Co to Joseph Barber, b 1760's.  Joseph had  m(1) Nancy's sister Jean
                     Moved to Greenup Co, Ky.
                     1820 census, Joseph not located.
                     1830 Campbell Co, Va census, p 349, Joseph Barber, 000010001-00020001.
                     1840 Greenup Co census, p 239, Joseph Barbour, 0200000001-100010001.
                     1850 Greenup Co census, Dist 2, p 166, #141/141, Nancy Barber,72 Va, living with Jacob and Phoebe Hood.
                              (one of their children was named Bluford)
                     1860 census, Nancy not located.
a.   Mary (Polly) Barber, b ca 1798 Va, m 13 Apr 1820 Pittsylvania Co to Coleman Arthur, b ca 1803 Va.
                           (she was "d/o Joseph" acc to marr rec, and surety Reuben Barber)
b.   Betsey Barber, m 20 May 1828 Pittsylvania Co to William Doss.  (bond 12 May, surety Joseph Barber)
c.   Reuben Barber, b ca 1802 Va, m Frances (Mary) Crain, b ca 1817 Va.
d.   Joseph Barber, b ca 1800-10.
e.   Pleasant Barber, b ca 1815 Va, d 1894 Mo, m(1) Sarah Markey, m(2) Irene (Jane) Crain, b ca 1811 Va, d 1895 Creigh-
                           ton Co, Mo.
f.    Phoebe Barber, b ca 1809 Va, m 7 Nov 1842 Greenup Co to Jacob Hood, b ca 1807 Ky.
g.   Charles Barber, m Pacific Davis.
h.   John Barber, m Mossa Wilson.
i.    Lewis A. Barber, m Clarinda Hood.

4.   Phebe Goad, b 15 May 1787 Va, d 27 Sep 1860 Knox Co, Ill, m Thomas Thurman, b ca 1780 Va, d 25 Feb 1857 Knox Co,
                     Ill, s/o Nathan Thurman and ____ Jennings.
                     1820 Highland Co, Ohio census, Fairfield, p 65, Thomas Thurman, 300110-1111002.
                     1830 Highland Co census, Madison, p 101, Thomas Thurman, 00210001-0100001.
                     1840 Knox Co, Ill census, p 155, Thomas Thurman, 000010001-00011001.
                     1850 Knox Co census, 9E 3E, p 449, #1948/2020, Thos Turman,70 Va, $3000, Phebe,64 Va.
                     1860 Knox Co census, Maquon Twp, p 732, #1120/1089, Pheba Thurman,70 Va, living with James and Rebecca Millum.
a.   Rebecca Thurman, b 10 Sep 1804, d 8 Dec 1861 Knox Co, m James Milam.
b.   Mark Thurman, b 3 Oct 1806, d 26 Oct 1845, m Fanny Marchant.
                           1840 Knox Co, Ill census, p 157, Mark Thurman, 100021-123101001.
c.   Priscilla Thurman, b 1807, d Nov 1862 Knox Co, m(1) 7 Jul 1825 Highland Co to William W. Darnell, b ca 1800 NC, d
                           1862.  Priscilla m(2) James Milam.
d.   Nicy Thurman, b ca 1810.
e.   James Thurman, b 1810's.
                           1840 Knox Co, Ill census, p 155, James Thurman, 00001-1001.
f.    Elisha Thurman, b 1 Jul 1812 Highland Co, d 1895, m 25 Dec 1834 to Anna Hall, b ca 1814 Tenn.
                           1840 Knox Co, Ill census, p 157, Elisha Thurman, 10001-01001.
g.   Joel Thurman, b ca 1818-20 Ohio, d 28 Sep 1871/77, m(1) Rachel ____, b ca 1823-24 Ohio, m(2) Cynthia ____, b ca
                           1829 Tenn.
                           1850 Knox Co, Ill census, 9E 3E, p 449, #1947/2019, Joel Turman,30 (?Ohio), farmer, $1500, Rachel,27 (?Ohio), John
                                    M.,7 Ill, Thomas,3 Ill, William A.,2 Ill.
                           1860 Knox Co census, Maquon Twp, p 732, #1117/1086, Joel Thurman,42 Ohio, farmer, $7500, $1200, Rachel,36 Ohio,
                                    John M.,17 Ill, Thomas,14 Ill, William A.,12 Ill, Almira,7 Ill, Nelson,5 Ill, plus 3 boarders.
h.   Rachel Thurman, 15 Apr 1822 Highland Co, d 1 Jan 1909 Marion Co, Iowa, m(1) 11 May 1843 to George Lowman.
                           She m(2) 9 Oct 1848 to Pleasant Brown.

5.   John Henry Goard, b 1780's, m Ailey ____.
                     Lived in Henry Co, Va.

                Ref:  1.  "
The Goads A Frontier Family", 1984 and 1995, Kenneth F. Haas.
                         2.   Evelyn Scyphers Jackson (dec).  Genealogist of the Boyd and Greenup Co, Ky area.