John Goad, 1729 - 1791-92, s/o John Goad
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21    John Goad,3                                                                                                                             2   (John,2,Abraham,1)

             b 1 Jul 1729 North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co, Va; d 1792-93 Sullivan Co, Tenn.
             m Margaret ____.  (her last name Chiles according to undocumented claims, but this is probably incorrect)

             Moved to Sullivan Co, Tenn about 1782.  Margaret later moved to nearby Hawkins Co, Tenn.

             1750 Lunenburg Co, Va list of Tithables: John "Good" and John Good" Jr.
             1750 John Goad Jr acquired land in "Halifax" Co, Va (Lunenburg Co then, since Halifax was formed in 1752), acc to "
History of
                      Halifax Co., Va
", by Carrington.
             1750, 10 Nov: Pittsylvania Co: 240 acres on Clay Branch of Pig River surveyed for John Goad Jr.
             1751, 7 Nov: Pittsylvania Co: Land on both sides of Staunton River surveyed for John Goad Jr and Wm Perrin.
             1760, Sep: Halifax Co: John and Margaret Goad deeded land.
             1760, 22 Sep: Bedford Co, Va Deed Bk 1, p 299: John Goad Jr purchased 63 acres on N side of "Stanton" River from William
             1763, 31 Jan: Bedford Co Deed Bk 2, p 423: John and Margaret Goad sold same land to James Harvery.
             1763, 7 Jul: Pittsylvania Co, John Goad patented land across the Staunton River.  This was apparently the same as Halifax Co
                       land grant in 1763 for 400 acres on Fry Pan Creek.
             1767 Pittsylvania Co tax list, John "Good" Jr.
             1773, 16 Nov: Pittsylvania Co Deed Bk 3, p 402: John Goad gave Deed of Trust on 160 acres on Frying Pan Creek, "where he
                       lives" (apparently same land as patented in 1763).
             1774, 26 Jan: Pittsylvania Co Deed Bk 3, p 412: John and Margaret Goad sold 50 acres to Benjamin Clement.  This was part of
                       land patented to him 7 Jul 1763.
             1776, 29 May: Pittsylvania Co Court Order Bk 4, p 100: John Goad vs John Dalton, tresspass, dismissed.
             1782 Pittsylvania Co tax list, John Goad, 3 white souls.
             1782 John Goad sold land in Pittsylvania Co and moved to Sullivan Co, Tenn, where they lived on Bays Mountain.
             1782 Pittsylvania Co Corder Bk 4, p 408: John Goad defendant in suit.
             1782, 23 Oct: Sullivan Co Deed Bk 1, p 142: State of NC to John Goad, 33 acres on the S side of Holston River, on Horse Creek,
                       50 shillings/100 acres.
             1784, 7 Aug: Sullivan Co Deed Bk 1, p 192: John Goad deeded 33 acres to Abel Morgan for 20 lbs.
             1785 John Goad and sons William and Gabriel signed petition for the new state of Franklin in Sevier bailiwick.
             1793, Dec: Sullivan Co Deed Bk 2, p 630 (rec 26 Jan 1794): John Goad deeded 100 acres to Peter Goad for 50 lbs.
             1794, 6 Dec: Sullivan Co Deed Bk 2, p 794 (rec 11 May 1795): Wm Goad deeded 79 acres (which he received from John Goad) to
                       Gabriel Goad.
             1796 Sullivan Co tax list, Margaret Goad, 100 acres, no white polls.
             1797 Sullivan Co tax list, Margaret Goad.
             1803, 26 Feb: Sullivan Co Deed Bk 4, p 492: Margaret Goad of  Hawkins Co, Tenn deeded 100 acres on Little  Horse Creek to
                       Michael Stier for $200.  witness: Timothy Dalton.


1.   Thomas Goad
                   1771 Thomas listed in grandfather John Goad's will.
                   1774 Pittsylvania Co tax list, Thomas Goad.
                   1782 Pittsylvania Co tax list, Thomas Goad, 3 white souls.
                   1782, 18 Mar: Claims for supplies furnished during the Rev War, p 22: Thomas Goad, 20 lbs iron impressed for state troops,
                             L 0; 15; 0.
                   1785 Pittsylvania Co tax list, Thomas Goad, 4 white souls.
                   1789-93 Pittsylvania Co tax lists, Harany, Haranah, and Haraynah Goad were variously listed.  She may have been Thomas'

  212  ?
2.   Charles Goad, b ca 1748-50, m Rachel (?Young).
                   Stayed in Pittsylvania Co, Va.  No proof he was a s/o John.

3.   Agnes Goad, b ca 1750, m ca 1770 to Owen Adkins, b ca 1750 Pittsylvania Co, s/o William Adkins and Lydia Owen.
                   Family tradition is that Owen took his family to Grayson Co, Va for about 10 years, and then to Hawkins Co, Tenn, where
                   Owen, Agnes, and 2 children were killed by Indians in the late 1780's.  The other children later went to Pulaski Co, Ky.
a.   Benjamin Adkins, b ca 1770 Pittsylvania Co, d Nov 1839 Wayne Co, Ky, m May 1804 to Cathereine (Katie) Stigall, b
                         1779 SC, d ca 1862 Wayne Co.
b.   Wyatt Adkins, b ca 1772, d 1838 Van Buren Co, Mo, m(1) ____, m(2) 5 Nov 1833 Jackson Co, Mo to Mary Bledsoe, d/o
                         Abraham Bledsoe.  Moved to Jasper Co, Mo.
c.   John Adkins, b ca 1773, d Dec 1850 Clay Co, Mo, m Elizabeth Stockwell.  Moved to Madison Co, Ill and to Clay Co, Ill.
d.   William Adkins, m ____ Fulford.   Moved to Madison Co, Ill and Ray Co, Mo.
e.   Emelia (Emily,Millie) Adkins, b ca 1779, d 1860's Fentress Co, Tenn, m 11 Jan 1798 to Phillip Smith, b 1769, d 1865,
                         s/o George Smith and Rebecca Brown.  Moved to Fentress Co, Tenn.
f.   James Adkins, b ca 1781, d 1850's Ky, m 9 Sep 1800 to Chloe Harges.  Lived in Pulaski Co, Ky.
g.   Owen Adkins, b 4 Feb 1783 Hawkins Co, d 26 Nov 1853 Monroe Co, Ind, m 1 May 1804 Ky to Elizabeth Sidebottom, d
                         30 Mar 1871, d/o Peter Sidebottom.
h.   Jesse Adkins, b ca 1788, d 1860's Fentress Co, Tenn, m Sarah ____, b ca 1790, d 1860's.  Moved to Morgan Co and Fen-
                         tress Co's, Tenn.

4.   William Goad, b 6 Feb 1754 Bedford Co, m(1) Betsy Morrison, m(2) Mary Hall.
                   Moved to Sullivan Co, Tenn.

5.   Peter Goad, b 3 Dec 1766 Bedford or Pittsylvania Co, m Dorothy (Dolly) ____.
                   Moved to Christian and Hopkins Co's, Ky.

6.   John Goad, b ca 1770, m Mary (Polly) Moody.
                   Moved to Christian Co, Ky, and later to Posey Co, Ind.

  216  ?
7.   Gabriel Goad, b ca 1772 Va, m(1) ____, m(2) Sarah (Sally) Williams.
                   Moved to Lincoln/Casey Co, Ky, and later to Perry/Crawford Co, Ind.
                   (also possibly could be a son of William Goad, above)

  217  ?
8.   Lewis Goad, b 1770's, m Suzy ____.
                   Moved to Christian and Graves Co's, Ky.
                   (also possibly could be a son of William Goad, above)

             Note:  a Jacob Goad obtained a land grant in Sullivan Co, Tenn in 1821.  His identity unknown.

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The Goads a Frontier Family", 1984 and 1995, Kenneth F. Haas.
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