Abraham Goad, d 1733, of Richmond Co, Virginia
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author: Michael D. Nestor, email: mdn3557@yahoo.com

      Abraham Goad,1                                                                                                                    (ancestry unknown)

          Probably b prior 1665 (before 1643, assuming he was over age 18 in the 1661 document below); d 11 Apr 1733 North Farnham
              Parish (NFP), Richmond Co, Va.  (some sources give his death date as 1734)
          m in early 1690's to Katherine Williams, d 23 May 1741 NFP, d/o John and Eve Williams.  John was a planter in Old Rappahan-
              nock Co and died young.  Eve m(2) to William Smith (Smyth) of Old Rappahannock Co.

          1661, 23 Oct: A list of tithable persons "in this Countie of Lancr", p 163: Abraham Goade, 1 lb of tobacco.
          1662, 20 Oct, p 62, Lancaster Co: Abraham Goade "stands indebted to John Simpson ...."
          1674, 2 Nov, Lancaster Co: William Bendall arrested "at suite of Abraham Goarde", and "the said Goard" to bear court costs.  Nine
                    days the court found againts Abraham and he was indebted to Bendall for 340 lbs of tobacco.
          1682 Abraham was in Lancaster Co, Va by this date (earlier per above records).  He moved further up the northern neck into Rich-
                   mond Co (formed in 1692 from Old Rappahannock Co), where he was a planter and owned several tracts of land, some of
                   which he may have acquired from his mother-in-law Eve Smith.
          1687, 14 Dec, p 66, Lancaster Co: "persons appointed for horse service", Abra Goard.
          1699, 24 Mar: Richmond Co Deed Bk 3, p 54: William Smyth of NFP deeded 150 acres on Moratico Creek, on the north side of the
                    Rappahannock River, part of a quarter order of 498 acres to Abraham Goad.
          1701 Halifax Co, Va: Abraham Goad supposedly obtained a land grant there.
          1704 Richmond Co: Abraham Goad was granted 208 acres on Bryary Swamp, from the Fairfaxes.
          1712, 1 Dec: Richmond Co (rec 5 Feb 1712/13): Acct between Edward Jones and John Dalton settled in court, Abra. Goard was
                    paid 204 Lb "By tob'o paid: Abra. Goard".
          1724, 1 Mar: Richmond Co Deed Bk 8, p 273: Abraham Goad and son William deeded a tract of land to William Downman.
          1733, 1 Jul: Richmond Co Will Bk V, p 238 (dated 7 Mar 1733): Abraham Goad's will was proven.  Inventory on p 240.  Executrix
                    was his wife "Catherine".  He signed his name "AG".
                           In the name of God Amen.  I Abraham Goad being weak of body but in sound and perfect mind and memory thanks be
                    given to all mighty God for the same, do make and ordain this to be my last will and testement, but first of all I recommend
                    my soul to the hands of Almighty God that gave it to me & my body to be buryed in a Christianlike manner at the discretion
                    of my Executors hereafter mentioned, and as touching my temporal Estate in which it has pleased Almighty God to bless me
                    with, I give and dispose of the same in manner and form following:
                           Imprimus - I give and bequeath to my grandson, William Goad, son of William Goad, that plantation whereon Mary Goad
                    now lives and all the land thereto belonging on that side of the swamp up to Mr. Griffin's line (excepting a small piece of land
                    land I have given bond to Mr. William Downman for the acknowledgement of).
                           Item - I give and bequeath to my son, John Goad, and his wife all land that lies above the North Fork of briary swamp
                    belongs to me up to Oakley's line....
                           Item - I give to my son, Abraham Goad, all the land lying on the south side of my spring branch.... in case the said Abra-
                    ham should die without heirs, then the said land to fall to my son Peter.....
                           Item - I give unto my son, Peter Goad, all the land lying on the north side of my spring branch......
                           Item - I give to the heirs of my son, William Goad, dec'd, one shilling to be paid by...
                           Item - I give to my daughter, Hannah Phillips, one shilling.....
                           Item - I give to my daughter, Elizabeth Dodson, one shilling.....
                           Item - I give to my daughter, Alice Dodson, one shilling.....
                           Item - I give and bequeath to my wife, Catherine, the use of my Negro woman, Judith, and all the remaining part of my
                    personal Estate during her natural life & after her decease to be equally divided amongst my three sons John Goad, Abraham
                    Goad, and Peter Goad.  My will and desire is that my wife Catherine Goad live on my plantation and not be molested during
                    her natural life.
                           Item - I likewise constitute ordain and appoint my son John Goad to be the whole and sole Executor of this my last will
                    and testament, as witness my hand and seal this 7th day of March, 1733.
                           Witnesses: Eliza E. Lawson                                                                                       his
                                             Winefed Miskell                                                                      Abraham 
AG  Goad
                                             Henry Miskell                                                                                         mark


1.   William Goad, b Aug 1693 NFP, m Mary ____.

2.   Hannah Goad, b 11 Nov 1695 NFP, m Tobias Phillips (#4), b 12 Jan 1687 NFP, d 1 Nov 1739 NFP, s/o John Phillips and
                Elizabeth Tobias.  Hannah m(2) ca 1748 to William Dodson.

3.   John Goad, b 27 Nov 1700 NFP, m(1) Katherine (?Jennings), m(2) Ann (?Isham).
                Lived in Bedford Co, Va.

4.   Alice Goad, b ca 1704, d 27 Sep 1767 Richmond Co, m(1) 9 Sep 1726 Richmond Co to Fortunatus Dodson, b ca 1700-04, d 9
                Sep 1737 NFP, s/o Charles and Anne Dodson.  Alice m(2) John Fowler, b ca 1710, d 1750.
a.   Lucy Dodson, b 12 Sep 1728 NFP, d 9 Apr 1730 NFP.
b.   James Dodson, b 18 Dec 1730 NFP.
c.   Anne Dodson, b 10 Nov 1732 NFP, m(1) Moses Cornelius, m(2) her 1st cousin George Phillips (#42), s/o Tobias Phillips
                      and Hannah Goad (above).
d.   Alice Dodson, b 15 Mar 1733/34 NFP, d 1802 Woodford Co, Ky, m Thomas Dale, b 20 Apr 1730 NFP, d 1773, s/o Abra-
                      ham Delaware Dale and Winnefred Southern.
e.   Hannah Dodson, b 7 Oct 1737 NFP.
f.    Samuel Dodson.
g.   William Fowler.
h.   Richard Fowler.
i.    John Fowler, d 13 Apr 1750.

5.   Elizabeth Goad, b ca 1705, d 1784 Shenandoah Co, Va, m 1724 to John Dodson, b 1687 Richmond Co, d ca 1784 Shenandoah
                Co, s/o Charles and Anne Dodson.
a.   Martha Ann Dodson, b 7 Nov/Dec 1725 NFP, m Michael Callender.
b.   Charles Dodson, b 28 Aug 1726 NFP, d 21 Jun 1797 Greene Co, Tenn, m Mary ____.
c.   Moses Dodson, b 12 Jan 1728/29 NFP.
d.   John Dodson, b 12 Aug 1731 NFP, d 27 May 1734 NFP.
e.   Peter Dodson, b 22 May 1735 NFP, d Sep 1800 Shenandoah Co, m Mary ____, b 1735.
f.   Elizabeth Dodson, b 1740/41 Augusta Co, Va, m John Kyle.

6.   Abraham Goad, b 15 Mar 1710 NFP, m Joanna (?Wheatley).
                Lived in Pittsylvania Co, Va.

7.   Peter Goad, b 27 May 1715 NFP, d 1794 Richmond Co.  Apparently single.
                1734 Peter acquired land from his father by inheritance.
                1740, 29 Nov: Richmond Co Deed Bk 9, p 639: Peter Goad was deeded 100 acres from his niece Ann Goad, for 240 lbs of
                          (Peter also purchased land from his brother Abraham but no deed has been found.)
                1794, 1 Dec: Richmond Co Will Bk 9, p 16 (dated 26 Apr 1786): Peter Goad's will was proven.  He left his carpenter and coop-
                          er tools to Col George Glascock, and the rest of his estate to Miss Sarah Glasscock.

           Ref:  1.  "
The Goads A Frontier Family", 1984 and 1995, Kenneth F. Haas, email: kennethaas26@live.com
                    2.   Dodson family history, by Randy.
                    3.   Jody Goad's
website.  He listed James Thomas Dodson as Alice Goad's husband, by mistake.
                    4.   Mike Goad's website, which contains Abraham Goad's will as copied by Wanda June Goad Worland.  There are differ-
                          ences in that version, and the one above.  He has many of the above cited documents, plus others, on his website:

           Note: Many websites have claimed that Abraham Goad was a s/o Richard Goode of Essex Co, Va, but there is no evidence for this
                     apparently, and in fact the evidence is contrary.  Some websites claim his parents were John and Ann Goad, but no evidence
                     given.  This may be a confusion with his grandson Abraham Goad, s/o John and Ann Goad.  If the documents in the early
                     1660s, quoted above, are correct, then there may be an older Abraham Goad present in early Lancaster Co who could be his
                     father.  Otherwise Abraham was much older than generally estimated and would have been in his 50s when he married Kath-
                     erine.  Mike Goad cites all the relevant documents on this connection, and his page on that shows the lack of a connection:

           Misc notes:
           1680/81, 6 Mar: Old Rappahannock Co Deed Bk 6, p 179: marriage contract between Eve Williams, "relict" of John Williams, dec,
                     of Moratico Creek, and William Smith, carpenter.  States that Eve is widow of John Williams, with two children, John and
           1699, 2 Oct Richmond Co (dated 9 Feb 1699): William Smyth's will prov, mentioning his wife Eve Smith, and Hannah and John
                     Goard, children of Abraham and Catherine Goad.
           1705, 4 Oct: Richmond Co Will Bk 2, p 86 (dated 24 Apr 1704): Eve Smith's will prov.  Inventory of her estate on p 91.  These
                     two documents are detailed in "
Sevier Family History", Cora Bales Sevier and Nancy S. Madden, 1961.